Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dance Off the Inches Country Line Dance Party Review

Sunday: Had a friend over for another craft session. I made a few more folders and some more Christmas cards. And of course, had fun chatting & catching up. Heres the cards, I will post the folders another day (gotta space out my pics, you know...) The snowflakes are a die cut & the ornaments are stamped & punched.

Today: I feel a little better about the postal mishap I posted about yesterday but still havent heard back from my poor VF secret santa. I guess I will go out today & shop for new gifts for my poor Japanese family. Sigh, but I should be thankful that this is my most pressing issue in life.

Today's Workout:
-10 Minute Solutions Rapid Results Fat Burner
-Dance Off the Inches Country Line Party (20 min)

Today' s Tip: Rev Your Metabolism -Never Skip Meals

Eat six small meals a day to avoid blood-sugar spikes and minimize urges to binge. Try to schedule meals at the same time each day. If you feed yourself well throughout the day, you'll learn to understand when your body truly needs food. You can't starve yourself and expect to make good choices at the next meal. Need a few healthy lunch ideas?  More on Shape here.

Today's Review: Dance Off the Inches Country Line Dance Party
Amy Blackburn, 2010 **** (4 of 5 stars)

This is a 40 min country line dance cardio workout led by Amy with 2 b/g'ers (one is Jen Galardi) in a cute studio looking set. The girls are wearing county themed attire. The w/o is broken up into 3 dances that flow together well. The dvd is chaptered so you can play all or select which dance you want to do. There is also a learn the moves tutorial. You won't need any props for this w/o.

While I wouldnt say this is really TIFTing- it is built add on style. Amy teaches a move and then combines it with new moves to create an entire line dance routine. The moves are actually fairly easy to catch onto- but not so basic that theyre boring. I didnt do the moves tutorial and did pretty good! And Im not into country, dancing, nor line dancing.

After the warmup the first dance is "Scoot Those Boots" and includes moves such as the sweep step into a grapevine, a hip twist (tapping your heels w/ your hand), shuffle forward into a jack type move, tush push, knee knocks, and a kick move.

"Ride 'Em Cowboy" starts w/ a saddle up (scoot forward), hip bumps, a yee-haw (heel kick while hopping), switch stomps, rock step, kick step, and a hip roll w/ an overhead lasso.

"Brand New Boyfriend Boogie" starts w/ a a rock step-recover-coaster step, pivot step, Southern swing (swing step), crazy horse (pony & hop), a high impact heel dig, grapvine w/a heel-toe-heel-toe, and finishes with a cooldown.

This routine was actually a ton of fun- and like I said, Im no dancer and not into country. If you are- I think you are in for a huge treat! There were a few "yee-haw's" & Amy has a "country" accent, but I didnt feel overly-"countried." Amy's a good instructor, cues well, and keeps the moves fun but not complicated. I also like how she incorporates a few higher intensity moves into the line dances without disrupting the "county line dance" feel. I would rate this a low intermediate w/o that could easily be modified up or down to suit your needs. Great for days when you really want to have fun while you workout. I received this dvd to review from Anchory Bay Fitness.

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  1. I found this workout to be fun - and I am into country! Great review!