Monday, January 17, 2011

Well Worked Out With Tannis Review

 Well Worked Out With TannisTanis Kobrinsky, 2010

This is a "pilates fusion workout that features real people, works for all, and is great for people 40+, with stand alone segments." Tannis leads with 3 backgrounders, one shows beginner modifications. The set has a cute living room look/ feel to it and the music is really cool "world music rhythms." This is a 50ish min dvd, that you can play in its entirety or select a workout. You won't need any props for this workout.

Well Within: (core, 24 min) I enjoyed this section & def felt it in my core the next day. Moves include: bridge, crunch variations, knee drops, hundreds, roll downs, V sit variations, criss cross, spinal twist, leg circles, single extensions, bicycles, and includes some stretching.

Well Being: (meditation, 6 min) This section wasn't really my cup of tea, but for those who enjoy Qi Gong and/or mind/body style w/o's you will like this. Moves include: rubbing your hands together to create warmth & energy, you then spread that energy field around, dragons breath, and other "cartoon sounds." She focuses on energizing and rejuvenating in this section.

Well Armed: (upper body, 10 min) I really enjoyed this section because it provided a lot of great UB toning! Moves include: isometric chest work (pushing your palms together), hi plans w/ knee pulls and leg lifts, hi plank shifts, T stand, mermaid, tricep dips, revers bridge w/ a leg lift, and low back/ shoulder swimmers & supermans.She also includes some stretching.

Well Grounded: (lower body, 11 min) This section is a great lying pilates style lower body workout. She goes through a nice pilates leg series to work the inner & outer thighs. Moves include: leg circles, leg lifts, bicycles, leg pulls, and some stretching.

Well Balanced: (balance, 4 min) this section focuses on balance and I found it quite unique. Balance is one of my weak points fitness wise so I appreciated the work. Moves include: standing leg circle kicks, hip circles, arm swings, standing swimmers, single leg swing, some standing stretches, and standing on your tip toes while swinging your arms.

Initially I didnt think I would care for this dvd because of the "great or people 40+" on the cover, but I really enjoyed it and some of the moves were actually quite challenging. This workout is really pretty unique and combines a bit of mind/body pilates, with genuine pilates-style toning, and some Qi Gong. I would rate this a solid (maybe even high?) intermediate workout that is suitable for all fitness levels.Tannis is a bit rambunctious but likable and provides great cuing and form & breath pointers. I enjoyed the dvd & see myself reaching for it again for sure! I received a copy of this dvd to review from 411 Video Info.


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