Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review: Top Trainers - Quick Blast Total Body Calorie Blast

Today's Review:  Top Trainers - Quick Blast Total Body Calorie Blast 
Tracey Mallet, 2008 **** (4 of 5 stars)

This dvd offers seven 6 minute workouts, is chaptered, and offers a variety of premixes as well as "play all" and play individual segments. Tracey works out with 4 b/g exerciers, one showing beginner modifications. The set is open with hardwood floors and some colored windows. You will need a variety of dumbbells (they use 1 set but I recommend multiple).

There are three 6 minute cardio strength interval workouts ("Cardio Blasts")-all of which I REALLY enjoyed. I love combining cardio & strength. Tracey alternates 1 minute of cardio w/ 1 minute of strength and you repeat the segment 2ce in each "blast". This is a quick moving workout and she doesnt waste any time! There are three 6 minute "mind body" segments that include core, pilates, and yoga work. There is also a bonus ab blaster routine. Tons of variety here.

Cardio Blasts: The segments include pliet wood chop combo, cross country skiing, tricep extension with a rear leg push,  curtsy-side raise, knee pulls, jumprope, pulse squat-hops, power side steps, flamingo balance move w/ a bicep curl, and a modified plank with a row.

Mind Body Blasts: A is yoga inspried, B is core focused, and C is pilates inspired. The moves include: A) cresent pose, warrior, triangle, down dog, plnak, upper back opener, & dog splits.B) knee twists, chest lift butterfly crunches, single leg extension, criss cross, flutter kicks, and a pilates leg series. C) chair pulses, side plank leg lift, double leg stretch, dolphin kick backs, leg pull front, & cat cow w/ leg pull.

Ab Blast: The bonus ab section is done on the floor and includes moves such as: circle crunches, frog leg pulls, snow angels, double leg lifts while lying on your side, side plank w/ a twist, and high plank into down dog.

I would rate this an intermediate workout. While Tracey is not my favorite instructor I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this workout. LOVE the format- Im a huge fan of 1 min cardio/ 1 min strength workouts. I also liked how there was no wasted time, it got my heartrate up nicely & was easy to modify up (if desired). Loved the versatility of the 6 minute w/o's and the premixes on the dvd. I received this dvd in the Top Trainers set for review purposes. 

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