Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Looking for a Good Prenatal Workout? Belly Beautiful Review Below!

Saturday: We went to a comedy club to see DL Hughley, it was really funny! Heres a pic of DH & I. We themed our outfits-I wore this Asian dress & he wore a sumo shirt. I guess this means we are officially old & lame LOL. haha it was bound to happen. (Oh and Im not preggo LOL, despite todays review)

Today's Tip: Low Cal Adult Beverages:
Of course we all know alcohol is full of empty calories, but here are a few of the lower calorie options: mojitos, gin & tonic, light beers, and clear liquor with calorie free mixers. More on Shape here.
Today's Workout: 
-Firm Express Turbocharge S
-Firm Express Overdrive C+S
-Well Worked (UB & LB)
*total w/o time 60 min + stretch

Today's Review: Belly Beautiful
Patricia Friberg, 2010

This is a prenatal workout led by a very pregnant Patricia, in a really cute studio looking set with no background exercisers. The dvd is 67 minutes & contains an 8 minute pelvic floor work section, a 7 minute warmup, 33 minutes of toning, and concludes with 13 minutes of relaxation. You will need a ball and an exercise band for this workout.

The dvd is chaptered into: pelvic floor work, warmup, upper body, lower body, stretch and relaxation. There is a bonus idiastisis recti section. You can play all or select a segment.

Belly Beautiful is a prenatal exercise program that follows the guidelines of American college of Obstetricians & gynecologists, so that women may safely exercise throughout their pregnancy.This w/o is appropriate for all trimesters of pregnancy and is aimed at the beginner exerciser. The benefits of doing this workout during pregnancy are:

  • maintain & enhance pre-pregnancy strength to bounce back quickly after delivery
  • build strength & endurance in order to assist in labor & delivery
  • strengthen postural muscles (related to alignment changes) in order to prevent injury during pregnancy & to prepare for newborn care
  • reduce stress, elevate mood & increase energy druing & after pregnanacy
While I am not pregnant, I was very excited to receive this dvd for review (from 411 Video Information) because my sister is now in her 3rd trimester (yay new nephew for me!). I didnt actually do this workout but previewed it and have mailed it to my sister for her thoughts. I will post her thoughts when she has the chance to try the workout. 

Today's LOLz:

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