Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2.1.11: Facebook Update & Tracey Mallet- Booty Barre Review

Today: Facebook Update- I wanted to share my various facebook pages in case any of you want to "like" them. I swear I dont overpost- you won't want to "hide" me, I promise!!!! I usually just post the current giveways, update the contestants weightloss on WLB, and post my new cake photos on I Want a Freakin' Cupcake. Occasionally I will post a fitness bargain if I come across one. So if you feel so inclined, head on over & like any or all of them :)

Today's Bargains: 
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~Enter to win (super cute & creative) Roundabouts cupcake wrappers on Little Yaya's here (I REALLY want these!!!!) :)

Today's Tip: Avoid Salt to Reduce Your Sugar Cravings
Sugar and salt, like yin and yang, they are seemingly opposite tastes, but did you know that too much salt could be causing your sugar cravings? Too much salt creates an imbalance in your body, which may in turn lead you to crave salt’s yin cousin, sugar. More on yahoo here.

Today's Workout: 
-Tracey Mallets Booty Barre
*total w/o time 60 min + stretch

Today's Review: Tracey Mallets The Booty Barre
Tracey Mallet, 2010 ***** (4.5 of 5 stars)

This is a 64 min total body ballet style workout that really targets the lower body! Tracey works out in an open ballet type studio set with 4 b/g'ers- one showing easier modifications. The dvd is chaptered very well so you can play all or select a workout (UB, LB, w/u, core). You will need a light set of dumbbells for the UB  section and a chair for the LB section.

Warmup: (9 min) I felt it in my LB and it really got my body ready to w/o. You will do a pliet series with plenty of variations, hip swings, plank into down dog, warrior and crescent pose w/ variations and pulses.

Sculpted Arms: (10 min) With light hand weights you perform lateral raise, military press, standing chest press, upper back flys, tricep swing to front raise w/ a knee pull, tricep kickback, french press, and a low VW move. Tracey adds in movement to many of these moves so you actually get your heart going a bit. When youre not moving- she adds in a ballet stance to help tone the LB.

Booty Barre: (31 min) Grab your chair and get ready to REALLY hit that LB and get your heart pumping! Moves include: 1st & 2nd position pliets, squats & close leg squats:- she adds in hip shifts and then you pliet or squat down, down, down while shifting your hips & back up, up, up. She adds in knee lifts and a lot of great variations to keep it interesting & challenging. Arabesque & attitude series: that really hits the buns! The next series got my heart pumping- lunge, curtsy dips and squats: with a front or side leg raise.One series reminded me of lying floor work: which Tracey does standing here (ouch)- glute pinches & leg lifts, and a standing donkey kick type series. Theres also runners lunge/ knee pull, plank-knee pulls into mt. climbers, plank power jacks, and grand pliets.

Abs & Flexibility: (10 min) Moves include: kneeling pelvic tuck variations, single leg stretch, bicycles, push ups, plank to side plank with knee pulls, C-curve variations, back extensions and concludes with flexibility and a final stretch.

I really enjoyed this workout- and to be honest I didnt expect to (as Im not into ballet, dance, or barre). I was pleasantly surprised that my heartrate was up there during the LB section and I worked up a nice sweat. This is not your run of the mill- slow paced, ballet style w/o- Tracey keeps the moves interesting & challenging. Her cuing is wonderful and her form pointers were spot on! I would rate the lower body portion high intermediate and the other sections intermediate. Great w/o, lots of variety & the time flew by. I received this dvd to review from 411 Fitness Info.

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