Sunday, February 13, 2011

2.13.11: Sunday Snippets

Today: Just little write ups for a few exercise dvds that I have recently come across. They arent full reviews but enough so you can decide if you *need* them in your collection- afterall, our fitness dvd collections are never complete :)

Tomorrow: Don't forget tomorrow is Valentines Day!!!! Have a wonderful day all!

Poise Strong & Sexy
Dr. Teri Jory, 2010

Dr. Teri Jory introduces her POISE Strong & Sexy workout:

P: Power, and Pelvic floor
O: Oneness of body & mind
I: Inspiration
S: Sculpted and Sexy body
E: Empowered and Energized

This dvd has three sections: Section 1: (19 minutes) This section targets the upper body with martial arts inspired punches and stances. And of course you'll get some core work in with all those punches! Section 2: (10 minutes) This section really hits your core. Section 3: (20 min) This section focuses on your lower body and pelvic muscles with plenty of  kicks! I received this dvd from 411 Fitness Info to review.

Dance Off The Inches Cardio Hip Hop
Jennifer Galardi, 2010

This dvd includes three dance routines totalling 35 minutes, a 5 min warmup, and a 6 minute cooldown. Also included is a very helpful 18 minute learn the moves tutorial. You can do the entire routine for 45 minutes of fun, or stop after a few segments. The music is hip hop themed but toned down and appropriate. If you are a fan of Jennifer Galardi (I am!), dance, and/or hip hop- this is the workout for you! Jen keeps the workout fun and flowing and keeps boredom at bay. The footwork may take a few times to catch onto- but once you've mastered it- you can really get your sweat on- and have fun doing so! Jen is a great lead and you can really see her love of dance shine through in this fun, flirty, cardio dance routine. I received this dvd from Anchory Bay to review.

Dance with Julianne: Just Dance
Julianne Hough, 2010

Julianne Hough, two-time "Dancing with the Stars" champion, leads this fun little cardio dance routine. The dvd includes a 5 minute warmup, 35 minutes of cardio dance, and a 5 minute cooldown. Also included is a very useful 8 minute step guide where Julianne breaks down each of the core moves in the routine. Julianne starts each move from a base move and them adds complexity and personal flair to each move until you create a real dance routine. The moves in this can be a bit tricky, but after a few trys and watching the step guide- you'll have mastered the routines and be ready to Just Dance! I received this dvd from Anchor Bay to review.


  1. These dvds sound like a lot of fun! :)

  2. Hi - I'm visiting from Jennifer Galardi's FB page. I love Dance Off the Inches. Love, love, love!