Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 Minute Solution: Belly, Butt, & Thigh Blasters Review Featuring Jessica Smith

 10 Minute Solution: Belly, Butt, & Thigh Blasters 
Jessica Smith, 2009 

This dvd has five 10 minute segments that can be mixed and matched to create a 10-50 minute workout. Jessica leads in the cute 10 MS studio looking set with no backgrounders. The dvd is packaged with a resistance loop. You won't need any other props for the workout.

Jessica does a really good job at utilizing the band in unique ways- really keeping the workout interesting and adding new twists to some traditional moves. She also does a great job of incorporating the band into most all the moves. All the segments flow really well.

Better Booty Camp: This is a standing LB section that has lots of great combo moves. Exercises include: bow & arrow, squat & rear glute pinch, squat leg lift, balance stick, pulsing pliets, attitude ballet leg lift, squat walks, side lunge- leg lifts, and concludes w/ standing donkey kicks.

Strong & Slim Thigh: This is a standing LB section that includes some nice pilates inspired moves w/ the band. Exercises include: balance beam squat leg lifts, single leg squats, floor touch squats, standing pilates leg circles, flamingo balance touch down, squat- inner thigh sweep, etc.

Trim & Toned Tummy: This is a nice little floor core routine. Moves include: heel drop crunches, circle crunches, long leg hip lifts, leg drops circles, criss cross/ scissor legs, side plank, bicycle variations, side crunches, etc. My core was well worked.

Lower Body Makeover: This section includes some great cardio in with your lower body work. Exercises include: squat- floor touch, band skaters, jacks, heel push- toe taps, skis, squat  w/ 180 jumps, 

Belly Flab Fighter: This is an awesome core cardio workout! Moves include: walk up w/ knee pull down, side step-figure 8's, plank knee pull ins, Mt. climbers, torso twists, oblique twist w/ the band behind you & a knee pull, etc. Jessica does a great job of keeping the core work active and adding in core work to the cardio moves.

I would rate this an intermediate workout that is very versatile. Love that each section is targeted and that it includes a core cardio routine. Jessica is a wonderful lead and does a fantastic job of cuing, providing modification tips, and her form is great. Really enjoy this dvd (as I do all the new 10 MS w/o's) and will be getting a lot of use out of it. I received this dvd from Anchor Bay to review.

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