Friday, March 4, 2011

Supreme 90 Day Review: Shoulders & Arms

Supreme 90 Day: Shoulders & Arms
Tom Holland, 2010

Tom leads this 45 min w/o in a lifting gym type set w/ 3 b/g exercisers. You will need a stability ball & dumbbells for this w/o though 1 mod shows no ball options. The dvd is chaptered into warmup and workout (the warmup is the same for all the discs in this series). Tom acts as a PT and helps the exercisers w/ form

The bulk of this dvd is shoulders & arms but Tom starts w/ a nice core circuit to get you going- which I like! The workout is structured that you do 3 moves & repeat that circuit 3 times. Tom shows the 3 moves before you begin the circuit so you know whats coming up.

Exercises include: penguin heel taps, V ups, V crunches, clean (from floor) to press, curl, french press, overhead press, hammer curls, tri kickback variations, curl to lat raise, incline ball curls, ball tricep extensions, rear delt fly, 21's (curl variations), & tri pushups. The moves are unique but not so much that they are strange. Tom keeps your muscles guessing by adding in variations of traditions exercises.

I would rate this an advanced workout but is suitable for most fitness levels by adjusting poundage and going at your own pace. Tom states 8-12 reps and you do what you can do in the alloted time. I like Tom, I like that each exerciser goes at his/her own pace and I do the same. Great cuing, great form, great pointers, great pace. Really enjoying this set! I received this set to review.


  1. That lion picture is totally me this week. LOL!! Thanks for visiting my blog, Lindsey! I'm looking forward to following yours too! :)

  2. Love the lion LOL! Also enjoying your great reviews.

  3. The lion cracked me up too. Theres some truth to it, dont you think ;)

  4. I definitely need to tone my arms so this sounds like the perfect set for that.

  5. I like that this workout has a modifier that shows the exercises without the ball. Sometimes I don't feel like using my ball.

  6. I like that he includes ab work in this workout dvd.