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3.6.11: 10 Minute Solution: Sculpt, Tone, & Reshape Review

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Today's Review: 10 Minute Solution: Sculpt, Tone, & Reshape **** (3.5 of 5 stars)
Amy Bento, 2008

This dvd has five 10 minute segments that you can mix and match to create your own 10-50+ minute workout. Amy works out alone in a cute hardwood and fogged glass backdrop set. The dvd comes packaged w/ 2 figure 8 tubing bands, one light & 1 medium resistance (you can combine both for hard resistance). You won't need any other equipment.

Sexy Sculpted Lower Body: This is a standing lower body workout. Exercises include: quad extensions, wide squats abductions, jumping band squats, chair squats, standing donkey kicks, calf raises, etc.

Upper Body Tone & Chisel: This segment is structured that you do one move for 8 reps, and then pick up the pace and repeat them for 8 fast reps. Exercises include: balance on 1 leg- band on other foot & row, pec flys, pushup -lat row, shoulder raise, tri kickbacks, suit case pull, bi-tri combo, etc.

Fat Blasting Sculpt: This workout alternates strength work with cardio bursts. Moves include: grape vine knee hop, squat w/ a back pull, hip shuffle knee pull, lunge & row, jogging, side torso drop, etc.

Jiggle Free Buns & Thighs: This section is done on the floor and exercises include: donkey kick series, lying leg pulls, inner thigh sweep & lifts, windshield wiper legs, thigh pulls, prone glute lifts, and prone leg pulls.

Firm & Flat Abs Fast: This section includes standing & floor core work. Work includes: side bends, elbow strikes, balancing stick, band crunch, V sit band twists, side raise, side arm walk in plank position, etc.

Amy is really good about utilizing the band in all the moves & using it in unique ways. Neither band is heavy resistance but combining them both made for a more challenging workout. You could easily sub regular tubing or a toning ring for most or all the move. Each exercise is done at single count & then she does a "burn set" at a quicker pace. Amy is a wonderful lead here as always- great personality, great cuing,  keeps the workouts interesting and fun with unique exercises. I would rate this a low intermediate/ high beginner workout that would be great for travel. Received this dvd for review.

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  1. Nice review, Lindsey. I was curious about this workout.

  2. Ive also been curious about this one! LOVE Amy :)

  3. I like all the 10MS workouts I have. They're great for when you're finished your main workout but still have extra time.