Thursday, March 31, 2011

Michelle Dozois: The Ultimate Workout DVD Review

The Ultimate Workout 
Michelle Dozois, 2009

 This dvd offers two 30 minute workouts (one cardio and one strength) and a 15 min flexibility. Michelle works out with 2 background exercisers (one offering beginner mods) in a nice, bright, open set. Optional equipment includes: dumbbells, a high step, and gliding discs and Michelle offers no equipment modifications throughout. You can play all or select any section from the chaptered menu.

Ultimate Cardio Blast: After a fun warmup exercises include: bob & weave w/ punches, fast feet to pushups, knee pulls, jump ropes, pulsing lunge hops, quick-quick-slow hops, shuffle hops, ski jumps w/ a speed bag, jacks to plyo jacks, and flying jacks.  This is one of my favorite floor cardio routines- not boring or repetitive. Fun, high energy, and sweaty! Easy to modify up or down.

Ultimate Super Sculpting: After a quick active warmup, exercises includes: kettlebell swings, deadlift variations w/ lat row, 1 legged bridge, disc planks w/ knee pulls, bicep curls w/ hover squats, weighted tri dips, a thorough tricep series, disc pliets, disc lunges, step up (onto your high step) with an overhead press, low side lunges into weighted 1/2 moon, a tough pushup segment, low back work utilizing the discs, and ab work.  Love the multi muscle exercises. New fun combos w/out being overly complicated or awkward. Love the gliding disc work- adds in unique challenges.

Ultimate Flexibility: This is a seated, lying, and standing flexibilty stretch that utilizes a towel to enhance your stretches. Great to add on to one of the other workouts!

I would rate this dvd a solid to high intermediate that really accomplishes a lot in each segment. Michelle created this dvd to allow us to fit it all in: cardio, strength, and flexibility! It also allows us to customize our workout time & focus. Michelle is an EXCELLENT lead- great energy, great pace (no wasted time but not rushed), excellent cuing & form pointers! I received this dvd to review.


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