Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jill Miller Yoga Tune Up: Quick Fix Rx Review

Today's Review: Yoga Tune Up: Quick Fix Rx
Jill Miller, 2010 ***** (5 of 5 stars)

This is a 130 minute two disc set that is chaptered extremely well. Each body area specific segment has a shorter and longer w/o and each has a brief intro chapter that explains the upcoming exercises & their benefits. Jill leads this workout alone in a living room. Recommended equipment includes: yoga block, strap, and Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls- but Jill offers equipment substitutions as well.

The sections included on these dvds are: neck, shoulders, upper back, hands wrists & elbows, lower back, hips, feet and ankles, and stress relief. Very handy menu so you can pick and choose the sections depending on which body area is troubling you. The exercises are performed sitting on the floor or chair, standing, and lying.

In my opinion, this is more of a physical therapy session than a yoga workout (in a GOOD way!). Though she does include yoga inspired moves that target specific body areas. I have sometimes serious neck issues and nothing ever seems to help, until I found this dvd. I am seriously kicking myself for not getting it sooner. I really like the format -the intro is separate so once youve done the w/o a few times you can just select the w/o directly from the main menu. And the fact that each body area has a shorter (5ish min) and a longer (10ish minutes) option- do them separately depending on your time availability or combine them for even more therapy.

Its hard to rate this workout because like I said- its more like a heavenly physical therapy session than a workout-but I will say intermediate and appropriate for ALL fitness levels. Jill is obviously very knowledgeable and really knows her stuff! She provides lots of great information on how to properly perform each exercise, tells us which muscle were targeting and why it will help alleviate our pain. I like her personality and look forward to more from her.


  1. Wow, I didn't know there was such a video out there. I have upper back, neck, shoulder, and knee problems, and it sounds like she hits almost all of them.

    Wonder if I can convince the local library to buy a copy... ;)

  2. I am SO happy w/ this dvd! Im kicking myself for waiting so long to get a Jill dvd. I highly rec this one for anyone w/ pain!!!! I hope your library gets a copy!!!

  3. Nice review, thanks Lindsey! I have not heard of this one before now.

  4. Your cakes look great! Sounds like it was a great party :)