Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Snippets!

Today: Hope you are all having a nice weekend! I have some mini-reviews below for a few dvds & a book that I have recently come across.

Today's Tip: Better For Your Fruit: Bananas
105 calories per medium banana. Bananas, with their stick-to- your-ribs texture, are often wrongly accused of being fattening. But new research proves their innocence: Findings reveal that the yellow guys contain "resistant starch," a type of fiber that your body digests more slowly, which keeps blood sugar stable and leaves you feeling satisfied longer, says Grotto. Just be sure to pick a firm banana that's still a little green. Like any fruit, its starches morph into sugars during the ripening process, making the banana sweeter and more caloric. More on Womens Health Mag here

Mega-fit Momma
Jillian Moriarty, 2011

This is a 40 minute pre and postnatal workout that combines yoga, pilates and breathing work. This dvd is safe for all trimesters and great for new moms bouncing back into their fitness routines-or starting new ones! I love the idea of pregnancy workouts because (though Ive never been pregnant) I think its important to stay active during your pregnancy.

Jillian includes physical therapy tips so you can get the most "bang for your dvd buck" in this workout. She also provides various modifications for all fitness & pregnancy levels. This dvd is part of an entire line of dvd and fitness products focused on moms & kids! More info can be found on her website here. I received this dvd to review.

PILATES! A Gentle Formula To A Strong Body
Risa Sheppard, 2011

Risa leads this 60 min pilates dvd that is broken down into two 30 minute workouts. Both workouts include strength work, flexibility exercises, and flowing movements that are important to all our fitness routines. Risa focuses on gentle movements that strengthen & lengthen the body and really hit the core in both workouts.

Risa is the creator of the Sheppard method and teaches pilates class in her private studio in CA. She has been teaching pilates for over 30 years!!! Impressive. You can find more info about Risa and her Sheppard Method on her website here. I received this dvd to review.

Sex Matters so...Get Sexually Healthy The Natural Way
Dr Lynn Anderson, 2010

This book focuses on another aspect of health- sexuality. Dr. Lynn tells readers how they can be healthy from the inside out by being naturally healthy focuxing on their sexuality. In this book Dr. Lynn shows us how we can boost our self esteems and improve our body images.

She also discusses such topics as weight loss, attitude, diet and exercise, looking and feeling youthful, making money, being successful, how to become sexy, find our passions and much more. You can find out more about this book on her website here. I received this book to review. 

Today's LOLz:


  1. Those LOLcats are high-larious!

    Just wanted to chime in on bananas. They make a great pre- or post-workout snack as they are high in potassium, which is one of the chemicals we lose through sweat. So if you tend to get a bit pukey when you work out, it's a good idea to eat a banana. I've done the experiment and they do make a difference.

    I only like slightly under-ripe ones too - ripe bananas are just plain gross!

  2. I def. agree with the staying active during pregnancy. Last time I had high blood pressure towards the end which can be very bad for baby and can put you on bedrest and what not. This time I was much more active throughout the pregnancy (mostly due to chasing little Sam around) and no high blood pressure!

  3. Red, I will def keep in mind the banana tip for post w/o snack. On weekends I am usually really hungry after a w/o...and yes, no over ripe bananas. Time for banana bread for those suckers.

    Jilly, glad to hear you have NO high blood pressure!! Good little exercise system you & Sam have worked out :)

  4. oh ya and those LOLz cracked me up!!!!! Love that website!