Thursday, March 17, 2011

Women's Health Look Better Naked dvd Review

Women's Health Look Better Naked
Jessica Smith, 2010 **** (4 of 5 stars)

This dvd has a 21 minute cardio+strength segment, a 22 minute cardio segment, a 5 min w/u and a 6 minute c/d that can be combined for a 54 minute workout or broken down into shorter segments via the chaptered menu. Jessica leads in a nice studio gym set w/ 2 background exercisers, one showing modifications. You will need dumbbells for this workout.

Strength: This strength w/o includes 6 sets of exercises that each  target different muscle groups.. Execises include: squat chop, squat figure 8's, 1 legged deadlifts, balance knee pull rows, dip- lunge & rear fly, plank rows, pushups, crunch- pec fly, low side lunge- shoulder raises w/ a leg lift, lunge -knee lift- overhead press, single leg squat w/ a crul, sit up & reach, jackknife,  plank elbow pulls, prone spinal extensions, etc. I like the combo moves that really get a lot done in only 20 min and keep the heartrate up.

Metabolic (cardio): This is an interval workout where the moves accelerate in intensity and get gradually more challenging. Exercises include: squat jacks & plyos, 4 corner hops & X jacks, lunges to plyo lunges, lunge chops, jump ropes, modified burpees to burpees, plank to side plank, figure 8 scoops, bob & weave, basketball shoot, spiderman crawls, mt. climbers, etc. Good variety of exercises!

I would rate this workout intermediate that is easy to modify based on your needs. Jessica is an awesome instructor that does a great job of keeping the moves fresh & fun but not overly complicated and still very effective. Very versatile and accomplishes a lot in each 20ish minute segment. Great cuing and form.


  1. Good review! I *love* "Look Better Naked!"

    I don't know what it is exactly, but there's something about this DVD that sets it apart from similar ones. Maybe it's the music and great production values, or perhaps it's the Jessica factor, or perhaps it's the fresh moves.

    Whatever it is, I always look forward to doing this one.

  2. This sounds great. I think they did good with picking the title, it really grabs you and who wouldn't want to look better naked. It sounds like a fun workout that can be squeezed in even if you are short on time.

  3. Love the quilted card! I'm excited about your HK gym and can't wait to see pics after it's painted and decorated. And BTW, great review!!!

  4. It is a good one! Jessica is such a fantastic lead- I cant wait for her new set!!!!

    FK- I totally screwed up on the quilting card- it was supposed to have the star shape formed from triangles but oh well LOL!

  5. I had a baby 2 months ago. I avoid the mirror! The title of this workout really caught my eye!