Saturday, April 2, 2011

Exercise TV: Fitness 360 Review

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Today's Tip: Raisins-Cure for: High blood pressure

Sixty raisins—about a handful—contain 1 g of fiber and 212 mg of potassium, both recommended in the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet. Numerous studies show that polyphenols in grape-derived foods such as raisins, wine, and juice are effective in maintaining cardiovascular health, including bringing down blood pressure. Read more on Prevention.

Today's Review: Exercise TV: Fitness 360
Holly Perkins,

Holly leads this workout alone in a cute little gym set w/ fitness accessories around the perimeter. Fitness 360 offers three workout options on this dvd: cardio (actually AWT), toning, and yoga. You can play all or select the workout you wish to do. Total running time is 50 minutes. You will need dumbbells for this dvd.

Cardio 360: This is a 20 minute cardio and toning workout performed circuit style. Exercises include: jump rope, walking squats, jacks, pulse & plyo lunges, pec fly, ribcage pullovers, leg drops, bicep curls, french press, delt raise, pushups, knee drops, and concludes with a stretch. Holly does a great job of getting in cardio, strength, and core work in this workout.

Total Tone 360: In this 20 minute strength workout you first do the moves without weights and then repeat the moves with your dumbbells. You start with lower body, then upper body, and finish with core work. Exercises include: skaters touching the ground, pulsing squats, toe pliets, bench press, Arnold press, teo drops, twisted toe touch (abs), etc. The pace allows you to heavy up and there arent a ton of reps so I went heavy.

Yoga Energizer 360: This is a 10 minute active yoga segment. Yoga postures include: cat- cow, down dog, plank , up dog, sun salutations, etc. A great quick yoga workout to add on to other workouts or for a quick pick-me-up!

I would rate this a low intermediate workout done as is- easy to adjust the intensity by adjusting your poundage. Holly is very energetic and you can tell she is passionate & knowledgeable about fitness. She has a great energy and I would love to see more workouts from her in the future! She offers excellent form pointers & her cuing is good.  I won this dvd in a facebook contest- thank you to everyone who voted for me :)

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  1. Interesting info on raisins! I usually feel guilty when I eat them because they're so sweet - now I won't - so thanks for that!

  2. I know me too and I always think of just how many grapes Im consuming LOL

  3. Lindsey! I love your blog! Thank you for reviewing my video!!!!