Thursday, April 21, 2011

Natural Journeys Discount Code and Hula Abs & Buns Review

The folks at Natural Journeys have generously offered my readers a 25% discount on all their orders!! Woot woot!!! AND they currently have a 25% off sale going on- so you can score some workouts at an EXCELLENT price!  I am a huge fan of their Island Girl line (review below) because it really works the core in a fun way. Very different than my usual core routine. Also a huge fan of their Cindy Whitmarsh workouts. And of course they have a ton of other wonderful workouts as well. Use code "NJ25" at checkout to receive your discount! A HUGE thank you Natural Journeys!!!

 Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout for Beginners: Hula Abs & Buns 
Kili Kilihune, 2004

This is a 40 minute hula workout led by Kili with 2 background exercisers. It is set outdoors in beautiful Hawaii w/ greenery and the ocean in the background. I love outdoor sets and this one is absolutely gorgeous. You wont need any equipment for this workout. The dvd is chaptered so you can start at any chapter and includes an intro & a final dance.

I felt like this w/o was mostly hula work with additions (knee ups, short lunges, squats) to up the core & lower body work. She also adds in fun "hula" style arm movements to much of the work. The workout is built add on style so Kili teaches you a hula move, then another & then adds them together. After a quick warmup you learn various hula moves & then at the end you combine everything into a nice hula routine (which is cued). 

Exercises include: hip sways, step touch w/ hip sways, pulsing lunge steps, oblique tilts, walking squats, knee lifts, heel & hip shifts, move forward & back w/ hip rotations, close stance squat, bunny lunges w/ hip sways & tiki arms, a nice static lunge w/ a standing crunch & hip sway move, hip circles, and side toe taps. 
I really felt it in my love handle area- lots of hip sways!! 

I rate this a beginner standing core & bun workout. My core was really being worked but none of the moves were overly challenging- great for all fitness levels!!! The moves were easy to catch onto and the routine is quite fun! I really love the standing ab work so this will get plenty of use! Kili keeps you moving so your heart is working harder than it would during floor ab work. 
This will make a great add on workout. My obliques were really feeling this the next day! I received this workout to review.

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