Monday, June 20, 2011

URX-MT Review: URX-MT Cardio Metabolic Interval Review

URX-MT: Cardio Metabolic Interval
Gay Gasper, 2011 

Gay leads this 54 minute mostly cardio rebounding workout in a brick walled gym w/ 3 background exercisers. You will need 1-3 # sandweights and your Urban Rebounder. For the most part, you arent going on and off your UR in this w/o.

This workout is broken down into combos built add on style. Exercises include: power squats, bounce & jab, bunny hops, jacks, jogs, sprints, 180 hops, side leg lift bounce w/ a row, balance row, roll back on UR -jump up-jack on floor- repeat, tri pushups, pike heel taps, plank ham curls, plank jacks, weighted bridge , plank- side plank, and clam crunches. Gay includes a nice yoga-esque fast paced core routine in this one that I really enjoyed. 

I rate this a solid intermediate workout- one of the less intense in the set. Gay is a good instructor but probably my least favorite in the set. Both her workouts are lower intensity than I expected. So while it isnt as challenging as I think it should be it is a good little cardio workout for days when you want a solid intermediate rebounding workout. Gay includes a lot of the original UR bounces in this one. I received this dvd to review.

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