Monday, July 25, 2011

PeakFit Challenge Review: PeakFit Challenge Core Dynamics Review

PeakFit Challenge: Core Dynamics
Michelle Dozois, 2011 

Michelle leads this 24 minute core workout in a roomy white/ hardwood gym with a group of exercisers. You will need a dumbbells and your PeakFit band for this workout. Modifications are shown for most exercises.

This dvd was designed to be broken up to add on to your other PeakFit workouts or can be done in whole. The workout is broken down into four 5 minute segments. The first segment is standing core work with the dumbbell, the second is floor and plank exercises, the third is floor band work, and the forth is mostly crunch variations and includes a stretch.

exercises include: dumbbell to knee pull down, windmill, side swings, halo, rocking plank, knee tuck planks, roll from a V sit into a side plank, supermans, 1 arm & 1 leg planks, scissors, crunch leg extensions, kneeling band crunches, band donkey kicks, scissors, and side plank hip drops.

I would rate this an intermediate core workout that is easy to break up or do in its entirety. I found the exercises (for the most part) unique and all were effective. Michelle does a great job as a lead. The music is good. Time flew (I did it all in one sitting). Good core workout!

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