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Kelly Coffey-Meyer 30 Minutes to Fitness:Circuit Burn Review

Kelly Coffey-Meyer, 2010

30 Minutes to Fitness: Circuit Burn consists of two challenging thirty minute circuit workouts that torch calories, sculpt muscles and reshape the entire body. Each of the workouts is a combination of cardio, light weight sculpting, shadow boxing and lower body work. Kelly is joined in the workout by four background exercisers - one of which shows beginner modifications. For the workout you will need a light and heavy set of dumbbells.

30 Minutes to Fitness: Circuit Burn consists of quick back-to-back segments of cardio, sculpting, shadow boxing and heavy lower body strength training. Formatted in circuits, each individual segment lasts about a minute. Each of the circuits begins with a cardio component that consists of basic choreographed athletic moves. The second segment of each circuit is light weight sculpting moves that includes compound multi-joint exercises to target multiple muscle groups. Next up in the circuit is the boxing segment that is followed by the final segment, lower body, which uses heavy weights to target the legs, glutes and thighs. The circuits are repeated two times before moving on to the next set of exercises.

30 Minutes to Fitness: Circuit Burn is a fun yet challenging circuit workout that includes the two thirty minute workouts plus several premixes that range from thirty to sixty minutes. With so much variety, 30 Minutes to Fitness: Circuit Burn is incredibly versatile and includes something for everybody. The workout is also adaptable to all fitness levels by following the modifier for beginners or increasing the intensity or resistance for advanced exercisers. With so many workout options, 30 Minutes to Fitness: Circuit Burn is an excellent value for your exercise dollar. Received to review.

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