Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kelly Coffey-Meyer 30 Minutes to Fitness: LIFT Review

Kelly Coffey-Meyer, 2010

This DVD consists of two unique and challenging thirty minute workouts. Workout One, Olympic Lifting, is an Olympic style lifting workout that uses explosive exercises to burn fat, boost metabolism in hit every muscle in the shortest amount of time. Workout 2, Powersculpting is a non-stop resistance circuit workout designed to torch calories, sculpt muscles and reshape the entire body. Equipment needed for the workouts includes light and heavy dumbbells and a weighted barbell.

30 Minutes to Fitness: LIFT, Olympic Lifting is a unique thirty-minute workout that features Olympic style lifting and may require a learning curve for those new to this style of lifting. Exercises in this workout include deadlifts, cleans, power cleans, front squats, push-press and split jerks. Sixty second rests are interspersed throughout the workout..

30 Minutes to Fitness: LIFT, Powersculpting is a thirty-three minute workout that consists of quick back-to-back strength training exercise. The workout is formatted in circuits of two to three exercises, with a transition move in between, each exercise is performed for about a minute. The circuits are repeated before moving on to the next set of exercises. Received dvd to review.

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