Friday, October 14, 2011

HerbaSway Shout Out!

HerbaSway is sponsoring one of our Win, Lose, or Blog contestants again this season and I LOVE their products SO much I just have to share here as well!

HerbaSway is donating TWO bottles of their fabulous herbal antioxidant drops to one of our lucky season six losers! Dr. Franklin and Lorraine St. John founded HerbaSway in 1996 to provide a natural approach to health and nutrition. HerbaSway’s extensive variety of high quality; natural liquid concentrates ensure you are getting the optimum levels of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals!
HerbaSway's products are sugar free, caffeine free, calorie free, alcohol free and have no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. HerbaSway is the right choice, Naturally! Not only are they fabulous for you health- they taste FANTASTIC!!! Good for bone health, digestive health, cardiovascular, joint health and MORE! Visit the HerbaSway Facebook page for chances to win HerbaSway products!!!! And sign up for their newsletter for special deals & announcements!

HerbaSway comes in a large variety of flavors including: green tea, blueberry, pomegranate, Chocolate, cranberry, raspberry lime green tea, honey lemon, mango green tea, peach green tea, and more!

I had the pleasure of sampling HerbaGreen Tea Peach:

HerbaSway HerbaGreen Peach contains over 100mg of antioxidants per serving, this blend fights free radicals and premature aging (and tastes fabulous!) With HerbaSway's Peach Green Tea you can feel good and slow down premature aging, naturally. HerbaGreen Tea drenches your cells with active polyphenols that fight free-radical damage and help rejuvenate your skin. Enjoy the possibilities of a healthier, more beautiful complexion.

My favorite way to enjoy HerbaGreen Tea Peach is mixed in my iced tea- add an all natural shot of good for you antioxidants with no calories or artificial sweeteners! Also wonderful mixed with hot or cold water, on yogurt, in smoothies, protein shakes, or on fruit!

HerbaGreen Tea is also available in: Original, Caffeinated, Peach, Honey Lemon, 
Mandarin Mango, and Raspberry Lime! Something for every taste and preference. All varieties are all natural and calorie free!!!

And the AMAZING Chocolate:

HerbaSway Chocolate is a liquid infusion of pure cocoa powder loaded with anti-oxidants, naturally sweetened with Stevia and Lo Han fruit.  This heavenly combination offers an effective over-all health maintenance formula that provides you with the multiple benefits of polyphenols.  It is perfect for your whole family; especially the kids (young and old).  Simply add one or two droppers full to 6 ounces of warm or cold milk or water, for a rich chocolate beverage.  Enjoy all the anti-oxidant benefits of chocolate without any of the fat, calories or sugar typically found in chocolate bars and syrups.

Great on ice cream, yogurt, smoothies or wherever you want great chocolate taste without the calories.

All Natural, Guilt Free Chocolate.
  • Fat FREE, Calorie FREE, Preservative FREE, Caffeine FREE
  • Promotes and nurtures healthy, smooth and supple skin
  • 60 Servings per bottle
  • All natural-deep chocolate taste and aroma
  • Promotes a healthy immune response
  • Supports a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Helps fight free radicals and the ageing process  
  • Supports good moods

I will admit I sometimes just squeeze the dropper on my outstretched tongue for a yummy calorie free shot of chocolate goodness. It is also absolutely fabulous mixed in your hot or iced coffee drinks! My favorite way to use HerbaSway Chocolate is in my protein shakes-adds a shot of delicious chocolate flavor and tons of healthy antioxidants! YUM!!! Calorie free, GOOD FOR YOU chocolate- how can you resist??? Good news - you don't have to. Visit their website to place your order today.

Huge thanks to HerbaSway for sponsoring one of the lucky Win, Lose, or Blog season six contestants. 

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