Thursday, November 10, 2011

Introducing Zone Diet (and a Future Giveaway!)

I recently had the pleasure to review the Zone Diet! I started on Monday and am LOVING it! I have not been hungry-that is my #1 pet peeve. Well more than a pet peeve- I wont do it, and it wont work for me if I have to be hungry. I absolutely despise being hungry so the Zone Diet is making an awful good impression on me! Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway on Fitness for the Rest of Us for TWO weeks worth of Zone Diet foods! Everything you need to whip yourself into shape before the holidays start! This is a $179.00 retail value prize package and there will be THREE WINNERS! You wont want to miss it. 

The Zone Diet foods (soft pretzels, flat breads, cookies, pasta, orzo, granola, bagels, and other delicious foods) replace the carbs with protein! Making otherwise off limits foods not only available to you at every meal but now good for you! One thing I really really like about the plan is that since the Zone Diet foods have the protein built in- you dont have to add in expensive proteins to your meals (chicken breast & salmon filets are not cheap!) And because the Zone Diet foods contain protein- you stay fuller longer!!! The Zone Diet comes complete with everything you need: Zone Diet foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a daily snack, a meal plan, a recipe book, and Zone Diet vitamins. Check out the huge variety of delicious & filling Zone Diet food options. 

Keep reading for more information about the Zone Diet:

See and feel the difference in just 2 weeks!

Weight loss has never been easier. You are eating the foods you like to eat and not feeling hungry between meals. That's the Zone promise. Each ZoneFast™ Weight-Loss Package contains a variety of popular breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items along with our structured meal planner to help you get acquainted with preparing your Zone meals and put you on the fast track to losing weight.

What is the Zone Diet?

Surprisingly, it is not what you think. The Zone Diet is a way of life that helps you lose fat and increase wellness by reducing cellular inflammation. It's cellular inflammation that is the underlying cause of not only weight gain and the acceleration of chronic disease, but also the reason behind decreasing physical, emotional, and mental performance.
The Zone Diet was developed by Dr. Barry Sears, one of the world's leading authorities on the hormonal effects of food and their effect on cellular inflammation. At Zone Labs we continue to create a number of unique dietary products that make it easier to follow the Zone Diet. If you want to retake control of your life, then reducing cellular inflammation is your necessary first step. When you are ready, we can help.
Zone Protein
The secret of weight loss lies in continual hunger control. Zone Protein makes this possible with the least effort on your part. Our patented baking technology creates Zone Protein by cross-linking carbohydrates to protein. All of our Zone Foods contain 14 grams of Zone Protein.
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