Monday, November 21, 2011

P90X Review: P90X Ab Ripper X Review

P90X: Ab Ripper X
Tony Horton, 2004

This is a 16 minute floor ab routine led by Tony in a dim gym set w/ 3 backgrounders. One shows modifications. You wont need any equipment for this workout. There is a countdown timer for the workout & each exercise duration.

This is a nonstop ab/core workout. Each exercise Nothing fancy but it really works those abs- you could do half of this and get some great ab workout in in my opinion LOL. Exercises include: V extensions, bicycle legs, crunchy frog, sit up toe touches, scissor leg drops, frog hip lifts, heels to heaven, roll up C curve, side lying oblique crunch, 1 leg extended sit ups, and twists.

This is an advanced ab workout. My abs were fried! Tony moves right along though I didnt feel rushed. He provides plenty of options and encourages you to take breaks when needed. He is chatty but not overly so. While this is def a kick butt ab workout I dont see myself reaching for it often (ever) since its nothing too exciting.


  1. I love the picture of your nephew on the mixer!!! And the bride and groom made me crack up! Thanks for the laugh! And thanks for all of your beautiful cupcakes...inspiration i tell you! going to bake today!

  2. ps. starting the p90x today too!

  3. Thank you :) Have fun baking! good luck on the P90X rotation! Youll rock it :) I have done almost all the w/o's- just a few left. Reviews to come. Have a wonderful weekend

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