Monday, November 7, 2011

Return to Light with Jennifer Galardi: Nicaragua Retreat

What a fabulous way to kick off the New Year with a healthy, fun, and relaxing retreat in gorgeous Nicaragua! Join fitness professional Jennifer Galardi at the Return to Light in Nicaragua, and learn about setting realistic resolutions vs. setting yourself up for failure, and more.  Keep reading for more information about this fantastic retreat:

The package includes:

6 nights accommodations at Jicaro Island Ecolodge
All Meals (Vegetarian Options available)
All Nicaragua Sales Taxes
Roundtrip Transportation to & from Managua Airport to Jicaro
1 One Hour Private Consultation with Jennifer
2x Daily Yoga & Wellness Sessions with Jennifer
1 Group Cooking Class w/ Executive Chef
Visit to Local School in Costa Sur Community

Jicaro offers massage, massage, kayaking, advanced hikes, boating excursions for those who wish to indulge during their free time on the retreat (additional fees apply).

Headstands, handstands, side crows, flying pigeons, diving birds...WHAT?  Yes, some yoga poses seem crazy and difficult.  But exploring and learning yoga poses, even the challenging ones, should be crazy fun.  During the Return To Light retreat, we'll return to the days of the playground when we didn't care if we fell or even scraped a knee.  We got up, brushed it off and yes, even LAUGHED!  Although it takes some work to feel light, and we may fall, who says we can't find happiness in the journey.  Dance in the moment.  Revel in the laughter.  Uncover the true joy and light that shines in every one of us.  

Through our shared love of yoga, movement and probably some dancing! we'll put 2011 aside with grace and welcome 2012 with love, acceptance and excitement.  Come back to the fun of yoga. Join us in the dance.  Share delicious food and laugh out loud...
Return To Light.

With a multitude of best-selling dance and fitness DVD’s, Jennifer Galardi has made quite a name for herself in the wellness community.  She expanded on her years of fitness knowledge by completing an intensive program at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition in NYC. This course, along with her continued fitness, yoga and meditation practices, help Jennifer truly love and appreciate her body and its capabilities. Jennifer has led an extensive amount of workshops and conferences to share her story, knowledge and insights.  As a facilitator, she has adopted a relatable, gentle approach of self-acceptance and moderation. Her programs challenge the traditional notion of optimal health. It's about so much more than the numbers on the scale or the size of your clothes. And much more than how much you exercise or what you do and don't eat. Let it be also defined by the depth of your relationship to yourself and others and how you enhance the lives of all who meet you. 

With the goal of helping others find the freedom she has discovered, Jennifer founded livWhole, Inc., a company dedicated to healing and happiness through fitness, nutrition and holistic living. By bringing together her knowledge and experience across multiple disciplines, she invites everyone to join her in creating habits and routines to live a balanced life in a beautiful, healthy and exuberant body!

Jennifer is also a Founding Member of karmaNica: An initiative in cooperation with BigWorldSmallPlanet and Peter Sterios to nurture, educate and empower the Nicaraguan Community of Costa Sur.  

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