Friday, November 4, 2011

Train2Cheer with Stacey DelPreore Review

This Weekend: Went to a (super exciting) gun show w/ DH. I lie, it wasnt fun at all lol but hey I got this cool picture. I mean really, it may as well said "Lindsey pose here." It was calling my name. hahahahahaah

Today's Tip: Seaweed for Health
Seaweed removes residue of radiation in the body, improves water metabolism, is alymphatic cleanser, and strengthens the thyroid, says Kristen Burris, a nationally recognized acupuncturist and herbalist. “Seaweed secrete mucilaginous gels including algin, carrageenan, and agar—all of which rejuvenate the gastrointestinal tract and the lungs,” Burris says. “Seaweed also contains the broadest range of minerals of any organism and has  a plethora of amino acids and vitamins, including calcium, iodine, and iron.” Read more on Shape.

Today's Review: Train2Cheer
Stacey DelPreore, 2011 **** (4 of 5 stars)

This is a 45 minute cardio w/o with a long pushup set and some good core work. Stacey works out on a stage with 2 others in front of an audience who work out with them. You wont need any equipment for this workout. Stacey offers some lower impact modifications for many exercises. This is basically a solid hi-lo aerobic workout- I didnt see anything "cheer leader" related (which is good in my book). The music is very good.

Each song is its own little routine- though I would def not say this is a TIFT workout. Exercises include: jacks, jogging, hi knees, double side step, criss cross jacks, shuffle, burpees, plyo lunges, plyo squats, star jumps, heel jacks, grapevine, aerobic kicks, knee pulls, one long pushupset and concludes with core work and a stretch.

I rate this a solid to high intermediate. The beats per minute are very fast but the exercises are not complex so I had no trouble keeping up. Very athletic in nature with some good old fashioned hi-lo mixed in. I like Stacey- very high energy but not overly so. I received this dvd to review.

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  1. Hi, Lindsey, I enjoyed reading your review. You gave this workout 4 stars out of 5? I looked at clips - this one looks very good and music sounds great. I've got this workout on my wish list - was there anything you didn't like about it? Thanks...

  2. Hey :) No there wasnt anything I didnt like about the workout or instructor- I just didnt absolutely love it. It was fun but not ridiculously fun, it was a good workout but not superior. While I really liked it I didnt absolutely LOVE it. So 4 of 5. Dont get me wrong I enjoyed it- but it wasnt MY perfect workout :)