Wednesday, December 21, 2011

P90X Review: P90X Back & Biceps Review

P90X Back & Biceps
Tony Horton, 2004

Tony leads this 51 minute workout in a gym set w/ 3 backgrounders, one uses bands, and one does higher rep- lighter weights, and the other does heavy weight lower reps. You will need a pull up bar or chair and bands or dumbbells for this workout.

This workout really hits the bi's & back thoroughly! I dont have a pull up bar so I just did row variations. Exercises include: chin & pull up variations, lawnmower rows & wide lawnmower rows, 21's (biceps), 1 arm cross bi curl, open carm curl, static arm curl, locomotive rows, wall sit curl, corkscrew curls, upper back fly, curl to hammer, supermans, and strip set curls (varying poundage).

Definitely advanced with heavy weights and/or a pull up bar. Tony does a great job of including a good variety of exercises to keep it interesting and hit the muscles in a new way. Encourages you to write down your stats, and is chatty. The workout moves along pretty well but he does chat a bit- which is fine if you are working hard & need the break.