Friday, January 13, 2012

Ellen Barrett's Power Fusion Review

Ellen Barrett Live Power Fusion
Ellen Barrett, 2011 

This is a live 45 minute workout performed barefoot in her studio with 4 backgrounders. The first 30 minutes is done standing and the last 15 on the floor. This is a flowing active blend of pilates, ballet, & yoga. You will not need any equipment for this workout. One exerciser performs easier modifications.

Standing Routine: This flowing routine will strength, stretch, & lightly tone your muscles all in a functional routine that will keep you moving and work on balance. Exercises include: travel pliets w/ bow & arrow arms, relevet & V arms, side step squats w/ knee raise, figure 8 side to side lunges, pliet w/ push & pull arms, Goddess pose add inner thigh sweep & tri pushback, side floor reach to side overhead reach (hits the core), warrior pulses, pulsing football stance, and runners stretch.

Floor Routine: This floor routine will functionally strengthen & stretch your muscles. Exercises include: donkey kicks adding a thread through, table top threads, figure 8, knee to nose stretches, can can for the core, flowing leg circles, and flowing spine stretches.

I rate this a solid beginner workout- that is great for all exercisers on light days. I really think this would be an ideal workout to give to someone just starting because of the great energy, positive feelings, and the gentle low-impact exercises that will actually work your muscles & heart. While not a strenuous workout- it is great for variety and to vary the intensity of your workouts. Ellen is an awesome instructor, great personality, great cuing & form reminders. I received this dvd to review.

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