Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jessica Smith's NEW 10 Pounds Down Better Body Blast Review!

Today's Review: 10 Pounds Down Better Body Blast
Jessica Smith, 2011 ***** (5 of 5 stars)

This dvd has three 20-23 minute workouts, Arms, Legs, and Abs. The segments can be played together or separately from the main menu. Jessica works out alone in a studio set and you will only need dumbbells. Jessica performs a base move and then adds on to amp up the intensity. This is a lighter weight, higher rep, moderately fast paced strength workout that will get & keep your heart rate up.

Arms: Jessica performs a base move and then adds some lower body movement to up the intensity and includes some cardio intervals to get the heart pumping. Exercises include: alt shoulder raise to tri extension add lunge, bi curl add pliet & torso twist, tri kickback add side step or hop, row add balance leg raise, YTI, tri pushups, wide & narrow chest press add crunch, superman, pushups and plank to pike. UB focused cardio includes: jabs, upper cuts & speed bag jacks. Includes a short w/u & c/d.

Legs: Jessica performs a base move and then adds to it to up the intensity and includes some cardio intervals to get the keep pumping. Exercises include: dips adding floor touch w/ dumbbells, squat w/ a deadlift, side lunge adding a cross knee pull, side lunge add outer thigh raise, skater, balance reach & outer thigh raise, single leg deadlift adding a balance rear leg raise, balance glute pinches, squat jacks, weighted low lunge to plannk, jacks, lying L leg raises, & frog glute raises.Includes a short w/u & c/d.

Abs: This is a nonstop core routine that includes some active core workouts to get your heart working a bit. Exercises include: circle crunches, finger to toe cross crunches, knee drops, cross knee pull, plank hip twists, plank side knee pull, plank tap ins to plank hop ins, table top twists, V drops, cross crunch with side pinch, reverse crunches adding a twist, and finishes with plank twists. Jessica provdies tons of intensity options making this really adaptable to most fitness levels!

I rate this a solid intermediate workout. You cant heavy up much on the upper body- though I didnt need to. Using 8#'s I really felt the work and know I will be feeling it tomorrow. You can heavy up a bit more on the lower body. My heart rate was up in both segments and the cardio intervals got it up even more. REALLY like this workout and know it will get a ton of use. As always, Jessicas cuing & form pointers are spot on! I received this dvd to review.

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