Monday, January 2, 2012

Year In Review: Workout Favorites for 2011 & Beyond!

By special request, here is a list of some new favorites, all-time favorites, favorite systems, favorite instructors, and category favorites! All linked to my reviews:

New Favorite Workouts:

Jessica Smith 10 Minute Solution: Ultimate Bootcamp, 2010 (Love Jessica, good variety)
Cardio Pump Fusion, Brook Benten, 2009 (Love Brook, fun cardio)
Exercise TV Lose Weight in 8, Kathy FaulstichKenny KanePaul Vincent, 2010 (Unique)
Hollywood Bootcamp 4X4, Paul Katami, 2010 (love Paul, tough & fun!)
ASAP Hardball Conditioning, Paul Katami, 2010 (love Paul, tough & fun!)
Super Fit Bod!, Amy Dixon, 2010 (tough & fun!)
The Firm Express, 2011 (great all inclusive system- tons of variety & time options)

All Time Favorite Systems:
Barry's Bootcamp Fat Blaster, Barry Jay & Cindy Whitmarsh, 2008 (tons of options, cardio splits!)
Supreme 90 Day System (fabulous workouts-huge bang for your w/o minutes!)
Tracey Staehle Total Body Bootcamp, 2011 (LOVE this set, tough but fun!)
The Firm: TransFIRMer System (BSS4), 2005 (fun solid workouts)
Barry's Bootcamp 5 Day Academy, Barry Jay (TOUGH, tons of options, cardio, strength, treadmill)
URX-MT, JB Berns, 2011 (LOVE the intense workouts w/ virtually NO impact!) 

Tried & True Favorites I Love:
Results Fitness: 10 Days to a Better Body, Cindy Whitmarsh, 2008 (UB + cardio & LB + cardio)
Custom Fit Interactive Training, David Snively, 2005 (TONS of variety!)
In The Ring, Amy Bento, 2008 (great kickboxing! Lo impact/ hi intensity)
Firm Jiggle Free Arms, Stephanie Huckabee, 2004 (UB + cardio)
Bikini Bootcamp, Jeanette Jenkins, 2008 (tough C+S, love Jeanette!)
Extreme Burn, Mike Donavanik, 2011 (TOUGH) 

Pilates & Yoga:
Element: Total Body Pilates With Mini Ball Kit, Lisa Hubbard, 2011 (great addition of the mini ball)
Kettlebody by Brook Yoga Burn, Brook Benten, 2011 (great active flowing yoga routine!)
Yoga Meltdown, Jillian Michaels, 2010 (toughest yoga workout Ive ever tried!)
Hot Body Yoga, Denise Austin, 2010 (great addition of light dumbbells

Instructors I love: 
Jessica Smith (have tried all but 1 of her w/o's and love them all!)
Brook Benten (not even a fan of kettlebells but absolutely love HER kb w/o's!
Cindy Whitmarsh (love them all!)

Jeanette Jenkins (love her bubbly personality and I love her bootcamp workouts)
Stephanie Huckabee (love her, but her PowerFit w/o's didnt do much for me. Hoping she puts out more Firms soon!)

Core Workouts: 
10 Min Solution Quick Tummy Toners, Jessica Smith, 2008 (all great core w/o's, varitey, and the Bikini Belly segment is my all time fav core w/o)
Jazzercize Dancin Abs, Shanna Missett Nelson, Young McCarthy, 2009 (fun & active)
Crunch Free Xtreme Abs, Jackie Warner, 2010 (no crunches & Jackie rocks!)


  1. We absolutely love the same instructors and workouts. Jessica Smith and Cindy Whitmarsh are favorites, as is Jiggle Free Arms.

  2. great minds workout alike LOL!!!! Happy New YEar!

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