Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yoga For the New Year: Yoga for Runners & Tibetan Yoga of Movement

I am aiming to get more yoga into my fitness routine this year! We all know how important it is many workouts, so little time! Well no more- here are some awesome new yoga workouts to get us all moving toward our goals!

Yantra Yoga: Tibetan Yoga of Movement: Perfect Rhythm of Life:
Two new Yantra Yoga DVDS from Shang Shung Institute from Fabio Andrico and Laura Evangelisti
This DVD set contains  “Tibetan Yoga of Movement: Level One” and “Tibetan Yoga of Movement: Level Two” in a 2 volume, 4-disc set that covers a full spectrum of Yantra Yoga. Each volume contains two dvds: the first dvd provides you with detailed instruction for all the movements and  the second is to follow during practice. This is your complete guide to all things Yantra Yoga!
Yantra Yoga provides a graceful while still powerful movements through this dynamic and unique system of Tibetan

Yoga. This practice provides you  physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.  Yantra Yoga is one of the oldest recorded  systems of yoga in the world. Its unique series of positions and movements, combined with conscious breathing, can help coordinate and harmonize one’s vital energy so that the mind can relax and find its authentic balance. Yantra  Yoga contains a wide range of movements that can be applied by everyone, and it is a superb method to attain optimal health, relaxation, and balance. This 2 disc set contains very unique routines that we will certainly put to great use in the new year. A perfect addition to everyones exercise library- yogi or not.

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Christine Felstead's Yoga for Runners:
Keeping Runners Healthy and on the Road
Christine Felstead created Yoga for Runners to help keep runners healthy & active. We all know that running and all exercise really can cause some stress on our joints and we need to stretch & lengthen those joints, muscles, and ligaments to keep active & to keep our workouts going. While these workouts target the specific muscles that runners use most- we can all benefit from the routines
Christine has created two Yoga For Runners dvds- one is Yoga For Runners: The Essentials, and provides everything the beginner and beyond needs to keep themselves injury free and running! The second is 

Christine Feldstead's Yoga For Runners, Keeping Runners Healthy on The Road, Intermediate Program. The intermediate program is perfect after mastering the Essentials program or to use for a more challenging program. Use them in conjunction to meet all your yoga needs and keep all your muscles loose & stretched.
Christine created these unique workouts when she realized that her workout routine was really lacking flexibility and yoga training. She was fit in other ways, but really needed to focus on creating a more rounded fitness regimine. Enter Yoga For Runners- which has provided her and many others exactly what their workout routines needed. The Belles coundnt agree more and plan to incorporate Yoga For Runners into our fitness routines this year!

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