Friday, March 30, 2012

Nutrisystem Week Five Update: 6.8 Pounds Down

Nutrisystem Total Five Week Loss: 6.8 lbs
This weeks loss: -1  lbs

So we see a 1 lb gain, obviously it bums me out BUT I do have a good reason:  I started taking argenine & creatatine again for my workouts and they DO cause (water) weight gain that goes away as soon as you stop using them. Last time I was using them I gained 4 lbs in the 1st week- which I dropped as soon as I went off them. So I am assuming that my lack of a loss this week is due to that and not my efforts. Heres to a loss next week, though I prob wont get my Nutribear in the 2 weeks I had hoped. 

I will report that I am lifting heavier weights and am not feeling as sore at all- so that is good news! The supplements just increase water retention in the muscles (hence the weight gain) and help muscles recover faster (hence the lack of soreness). So all in all- basically what I expected.

We are going on a short vacation next month.  Just for three days but still vacation can, and historically has meant weight gain.We're going to Vegas so I'm sure we will hit up a champagne brunch one day and I'm sure adult beverages will be involved but besides those I am determined to stay on track with my Nutrisystem foods while gone. It shouldnt be too difficult really, we are staying in a condo so I will bring my own Nutrisystem foods & we have a microwave & everything else I would need. I will probably just bring my shelf stable foods so I dont have to pack a cooler for the frozen entrees- but honestly I probably would bring both if we were staying any longer than three days- why not? I will keep you all posted on how I do while gone! 

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  1. Congrats on the 6.8 so far! That's awesome :) Are you LOVING the convenience? That's the part about Nutrisystem that screams my name!

  2. YES YES and YES!!! It has been such a timesaver and at a time where I have been super busy & need the extra time!!!!!