Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review: Transform Your Body with Brooke Burke: Tone & Tighten

 Transform Your Body with Brooke Burke: Tone & Tighten
Brooke Burke, 2011

Brooke leads this 61 min strength workout in an awesome warehouse type set. Brooke works out with 2 backgrounders, one of which provides intensity modifications. You will need dumbbells for this workout. The dvd is chaptered & customizable.

The first portion is chaptered as lower body but it is total body (27 min) utilizing dumbbells for the upper body & body weight only for the lower. Exercises includes: weighted punches, rows, dip & kicks, swimmer squats, squat & cross knee pull, pliet & W raise, and pliet variations.

The upper body portion (8 min) uses dumbbells and exercises include: outer bi curls, chest push outs, raise & chest scoop, rotator cuff, overhead tris, and one arm kickbacks.

The core section (16 min) is pretty tough & includes: plank variations, knee pushups with a leg raise, dead buy, sky push, double crunch, and finishes with an isolation hold.

I rate this workout intermediate done following Brooke. Add weights to the lower body work to up the intensity if desired. Brooke does a great job of keeping the legs moving during upper body work and really keeps a nice pace throughout allowing for heavier poundage. I really like Brooke as a lead, great form pointers and cuing. I really look forward to more from her. Very solid and well rounded workout. I received this dvd to review.

This dvd is available on Amazon and Collage Video and like Brooke Burke on Facebook for more information! 

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