Monday, March 19, 2012

Review: Ultimate Abs & Core with Laura Tarbell

Ultimate Abs & Core with Laura Tarbell
Laura Tarbell, 2011

Laura leads this 53 min workout in a nice pilates gym. Laura works out alone and you will need a weighted ball, a stability ball, and a foam roller. This is a pilates inspired workout that will really hit your core muscles!!!

The mat portion (30 min) includes the hundred, V sits, roll ups, single leg extension, a plank & side plank series, bicycle, and include some exercises using a small weighted ball to enhance the work.

The stability ball portion (15 min) was tough for me! Laura alternates low back & core work- most of the core work is done with the feet on the ball. Exercises include: low back work variations done with your stomach on the ball, toe taps off the ball, roll over, bridge, & plank pike.

The foam roller section (10 min) is also tough! Exercises include: leg drops, scissor legs, leg extensions, bridge, rollups and low back extensions.

This is a pretty nonstop core workout so I rate it intermediate/ advanced- the stability ball portion was definitely advanced. Really accomplishes a lot! Easy to break up or do for one tough 50 min w/o. Laura is a great instructor, wonderful form pointers, and cuing- I really like her personality and can't wait to try others from her. I received this dvd to review.

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