Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Transform Your Body with Brooke Burke: Tone & Tighten

Today's Review: Brooke Burke's Strengthen & Condition
Brooke Burke, 2012 **** (4 of 5 stars)

Brook & her trainer Greg Joujonn Roche workout together in this workout & both provide plenty of cuing, form pointers, and motivation. You will need dumbbells for this workout. The workout is chaptered and includes an upper body, lower body & core workout. The exercises are performed in one minute increments

Lower Body: (15 min) They don't use dumbbells for this but you can easily add weights if you want to amp it up a bit. Exercises include: curtsy, dip & kick, dip & hop, squat hops, squats & glute raise, around the world lunges, deadlifts, down dog kicks, and donkey kick variations. Like that there is some cardio in there & some fun unique moves.

Upper Body: (18 min) Exercises include: bob & weave punches, out bi curl & military press, front raises, scoops, kneeling pec fly & kickbacks, military pulses, down dog to walk out planks, tri dips, reverse pushups, & plank knee pulls to side planks. Like that they keep the LB moving!

Core: (16 min) Exercises include: reverse crunches, dead bug, bicycle, scissor circles, plank holds, plank hip drops, V knee pulls, double crunches, & oblique reaches. This is a pretty nonstop 16 minutes of core work!

I rate this an intermediate workout - though I found the core workout a bit more challenging than the rest. Easy to modify up or down- just add weights or increase or decrease your poundage. I received this dvd to review.

This dvd is available on and Collage Video and don't forget to like Brooke Burke on Facebook for more information! 

Today's Tip: Use Heavy Weights!
It can be intimidating to venture out onto the weight room floor, but you aren't doing yourself any favors by using little pink dumbbells! "You have two types of muscle fibers: slow and fast. If you don't use heavier weights, you neglect an entire set of muscle fibers, fast fibers, which are important for moving quickly, lifting weighty objects (your heavy purse, grocery bag, suitcase), and for spine and hip stability," says Michele Olson, Ph.D., & creator of the Perfect Legs, Glutes & Abs DVDIf you're worried that you'll bulk up, don't be. "Women cannot add much size to their muscles to begin with since we have low concentrations of  testosterone, which is necessary to really enlarge muscle," Olson says. Read more on Shape.

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  1. I love your comment about not being afraid to use weights! So many women I know could benefit from this advice!

  2. I agree- so many women shy away from weights and they shouldnt!!!