Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rave: Zilch Sugar Free Drink Mixer!!!

I am beyond excited to introduce you to a wonderful company: Zilch Mixers- a fabulous calorie free beverage mixer company! Zilch Mixers TASTE AMAZING! They are the perfect way to eliminate all those extra liquid calories from your diet! Whether you want a slushy margarita or a virgin strawberry daiquiri- Zilch Mixers has you covered! Zilch is perfect for dieters, diabetics, bariatric patients and anyone who appreciates a great Margarita, or that perfect Daiquiri. Zilch complements a low carbohydrate lifestyle, almost any national diet program, or healthy eating plan. And Zilch tastes great! Celebrate Your Diet with Zilch Sugar Free Mixers. 

I have tried other sugar free mixers and eh- they did not taste good. So I am beyond excited to introduce Zilch to you because both their Sugar Free Margarita AND their Sugar Free Strawberry Daiquiri mixers taste amazing! Here are some of my favorite Zilch Products:

  • Zilch Mixers Margarita Singles-convenient single serving packets that are easy to toss in your purse for a night on the town!
  • Zilch Mixers Daiquiri Singles- perfect for a single drink or add five and make a picture to share with your friends!
  • Gallon Zilch Mixers Party Packet- perfectly portioned to be used in conjunction with the handy Zilch Mixers Original Store 'N Pour container. Perfect to mix up for a girls night in, or for a neighborhood BBQ.

These handy packets are the PERFECT convenient size to stash in your purse or pocket to take with you to a night on the town, dinner with your significant other, or to mix up your own drink at home! Tastes delicious with or without alcohol- anytime youre in the mood for a fruity blended drink- add some water and ice to a Zilch Mixer Strawberry Daiquiri packet and enjoy- in the mood for an adult drink? Just add the alcohol of your choice and enjoy (responsibly of course!)
Did you know that a typical margarita has over 500 calories!!!! The majority of that is the sugary mixer, with Zilch mixers you are only getting the calories from the alcohol NONE from your yummy Zilch mixer! You can save over 400 calories PER DRINK by swapping your regular margarita or daiquiri with a delicious Zilch Mixer! I just toss a Zilch packet in my purse and order a tequila and water from the restaurant, add my Zilch and enjoy a guilt free cocktail!
Zilch Mixers tastes WONDERFUL! NO aftertaste, no strange artificial taste. I had the pleasure of trying the Zilch Margarita mixers and they blended up a delicious lo-cal adult beverage quick and simple- add water, ice, zilch and tequila and enjoy! Great on the rocks or blended, with or without alcohol!

I can not wait to try the Strawberry Daiquiri Zilch drinks and on my shopping list for my next party- the 1 Gallon Zilch Mixers Party Packet Zilch Mixers Original Store 'N Pour - which are guaranteed to please the crowd! 

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I received a sample of this product to review. I was in no other way compensated for my honest review. All thoughts and ideas expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. 

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