Monday, May 14, 2012

Review: Boston Body Barre with Zayna Gold

Boston Body Barre

Zayna Gold, 2012

 Zayna leads this 56 minute fully chaptered workout in a nice ballet studio w/ 4 backgrounders. Optional equipment includes a playground ball, a barre or chair, and a band.

  Matt: (20 min) Exercises include c curve, bridge variations, & crab tricep dips. Zayna makes good use of the ball to add variety & intensity. Also included is a 6  min stretch.

  Barre: (24 min) Exercises include pelvic tuck, pliet varieties, chair pose w/ ball thigh squeezes, a standing donkey kick series, hip shifts & hip circles. I like the unique feel to this workout and the pace is right on.

 There is also a 4 min cardio and a 4 min upper body segment included. Exercises include: step touch, toe tap, knee pulls, cross knee pulls with a hop, upper back band pulls and shoulder pinches.

 I rate this workout a low intermediate. Zayna is very mellow & down to earth and the variety of music is nice (hip hop to mellow yoga type music). Great for barre fans and some new & unique variations added in to make this a nice addition to your workout library. I received this dvd to review.

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