Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review: Pure Barre: Mile High 1

Pure Barre: Mile High 1
Carrie Rezabek Dorr, 2011

Carrie leads this 35 min chaptered workout in an open gym. You will need a small pilates style ball and a chair for this workout. Modification options are offered.

Carrie makes excellent use of the ball in both the standing & floor exercises and includes a short stretching segments between groups of exercises. Standing exercises include: ball squeezes, bun & thigh squeezes, rear leg lifts, & side leg raises. Floor exercises include: sit up & crunch variations, v sit series, and lower back work.

This is by far, my fav barre workout to date! I rate this a solid intermediate workout. Carrie provides the perfect amount of reps so that you will feel it in your muscles but wont feel "repped to death." Her form pointers & cuing are spot on and I really like her as an instructor and can't wait to try more from her. Received this dvd to review.

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