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Natural Journeys DISCOUNT CODE: & The Ultra Fat Burning Workout Review

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The Belles are so excited to be working with Natural Jouneys on this fabulous review! Natural Journeys offers a wide selection of fitness dvds at amazing prices! Many of their dvds are unavailable elsewhere- making Natural Journeys a valuable online retailer for all of us fitness dvd lovers! One of the Belles favorite instructors- Cindy Whitmarsh - has a line of Natural Journeys dvds, that we love! Keep reading for a review of the Natural Journeys The Ultra Fat Burning Workout and stay tuned for a review of Natural Journeys Total Body Sculpt also featuring Cindy Whitmarsh. Other fabulous Natural Journeys instructors include: Tamilee Webb, Sara Ivanhoe, Lizbeth Garcia, among others! Check out their bellydance, yoga, pilates, dance, pregnancy and other fitness dvds on their website.

Cindy Whitmarsh, 2007 ***** (5 of 5 stars)

Cindy leads this 45 minute chaptered workout with 4 background exercisers; beginner, intermediate, and advanced modifications are shown. Optional equipment includes: a med ball, dumbbells, jumprope, and a stability ball. The set is a lovely patio overlooking a swimming pool.Segments include: Warmup, Cardio, Shoulder Weights, Cardio, Biceps, Cardio Toning, Toning, and a cooldown.

Cardio Exercises include: jump rope, jacks & med ball toss, side to side squats, jumping back and forth, burpees, jumping back and forth with your med ball between your knees, Mt. climbers, scissor jumps, knee pulls, and  football shuffle.

Strength Work includes: upright rows, overhead pulse, lateral raises, rotator cuffs, bi curls, concentration curls, pushups, shuffle squat putting down & picking up med ball, med ball ab twists, and side lunge & abduction. Ball strength section: frog leg lifts, oblique crunches, med ball tricep dips, and tri extensions.

I rate this workout a high intermediate. Cindy has a motivating personality and excellent cuing. The fun & fresh exercises make this a great calorie burning workout. Heavy up on weights for a strength day, or use lighter weights for a cardio day- this dvd is very versatile and unique. This workout accomplishes a lot in a short amount of time, making it a great addition to anyone's dvd library. I received this dvd to review.

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