Friday, August 24, 2012

Nutrisystem Week 22 Update: 15.5 lbs Down

Nutrisystem Total Twenty-Two Week Loss: 15.5 lbs
This weeks loss: .1 lbs

lol ok so .1 loss. Loss is loss :) had a horrible weekend- blech, ate horribly. Boo. Cleaned up my act all week and came back so Im actually happy & surprised to see a loss- yay! I love that a clean week can undo a bad weekend. I hate that I have so many bad weekends. Maybe I should work on weekends to keep me structures ;) lol not, so much into that idea.....

Here is my newest Nutrisystem creation. You know I love the bars for lunch so I am doing 2 oz grilled chicken on my salad and mixing my fat free ranch with fresh salsa for the dressing. Then bar for dessert. Yummo! Newest obsession....Heres some of the bars...

Here is a recent pic of me. My mama sent me this sweater she found (we have a thing for Snoopy) at a thrift shop. It was all old style so I chopped it up and up-cycled it into an 80's-esque look -which we all know is back in full effect. Pretty cute. And I totally like this pic cuz I look thin (disregard my pajama pants LOL)
Have  a nice healthy weekend everyone!

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  1. I'm sorry Linds, but I just cannot ignore the lime green pj pants. And - I don't see Linus or Pigpen in this sweatshirt! :-)

  2. AND no Franklin!!!!! lol and for the curly girls- where is the curly hair girl ;)