Monday, October 8, 2012

Earth Friendly Sodastream: Delicious, Affordable, Soda Making at Home

The best thing about the Sodastream System is that the soda is SO yummy and comes in SO many delicious varities. The next best thing is that it is WAY better for the environment than regular soda cans, bottles, and 2 litersThere is no waste.  No cardboard boxes.  No cans.  No throwing out flat soda because with the Sodastream bottles you can put the cap back on and keep the fizz for a few days: plenty of time to finish the liter. You re-use the convenient durable Sodastream bottles over & over & over so no waste!!! And they are the perfect one liter size so you will be able to drink it all before it goes flat and no throwing away soda. 

The Sodastream System.  It is SO cool!  Seriously, it's my favorite new toy :)  But despite how fun it is, more importantly, it's practical!  Sodastream soda comes out to about 15 cents for 12 ounces (the equivalent of a can of soda).  That is WAY cheaper than even the store brands on sale. And it really does taste better - you control the amount of fizz so you get customized bubbles to suit your tastes. Its very easy to use, our 13 year old God son uses our machine every time he comes over. Another benefit.  It doesn't take up much space.  I don't like filling my pantry or fridge with soda because it takes up a lot of space.

FREE shipping on all soda makers right now! This would make the perfect gift for almost anyone for Christmas  Everyone in the family will love a Sodastream soda maker! Also available at Costco, Shoprite, Target, Macys, Sears, Bed Bath & Beyond and many other retailers near you! Visit their website to find a complete list.

It's DELICIOUS and there are SO MANY FLAVORS!!!  Seriously.  They offer 17 diet flavors! SEVENTEEN - and that's just the diet flavors.  They have way more regular flavors, sparkling natural and sparkling tea flavors, as well as flavored sparkling water! And they even have an energy drink you can make at home- imagine the cost savings there! And a diet energy drink! Tastes just the real thing too. Nom nom nom. and the diet soda is sweetened with splenda- NOT chemical artificial sweeteners! And if you dont know where to start- try the variety pack (pictured above) to make a liter and each of their most popular flavors & see which ones you LOVE!

Benefits I love: 
~1/3 the calories in their sodas (non diet) than leading sodas (compare 34 cal to 100 in Pepsi or Coke)
~Sodastreams regular sodas use sugar not HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)
~Sodastreams diet sodas use Splenda NOT aspartame!
~Easy to use
~Very low sodium
~Small design fits anywhere
~Space saving (soda flavors are compact and a fraction of the size of a 2 liter or 6 pack)
~GOOD for the environment! (Reusable soda bottles means no more trashing 2 liter bottles)

For More Information, Visit:
Sodastream on the web
Sodastream on Facebook
Sodastream on Twitter
Sodastream on YouTube

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