Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fitness Favorites Presents Digitally Restored & Never Released Firm Workouts!

SUPER exciting news for all you Firm fans out there! Fitness Favorites is releasing some all-time favorites for the first time ever on dvd!!! The coveted Cardio Step Mix will SOON be available as well as Core Cardio, 12 Minute "Crunchies," and ALL NEW never before released Aerobic Butt Busters! All new digitally restored- you will NOT want to miss these MUST-HAVE dvds! The Belles are SO excited about these releases. Here is the pre-order info, you have five choices:

A. Cardio Step Mix 19.99+4.00 23.99
B. Core Cardio 2 19.99+4.00 23.99
C. Cardio Step Mix AND Core Cardio Two 19.99+19.99+6.00 45.98
D. 12 Minute 'Crunchies'- Wts AND Cardio 19.99+19.99+6.00 45.98
E. Aerobic Butt Busters 12.19+4.00 16.19

Five Options to select from. Please send separate check or money order per option. With note attached with name, address, phone number(s),email address, and workout option to:
Fitness Favorites
PO Box 50857
Columbia, SC 29250

DVD feature: Aerobic Butt Buster

"Aerobic Butt Busters" THREE TIMES the fat loss of aerobics? Research shows that adding weights can do it! This workout not only has short box aerobics to burn fat and tone up legs, but also two set of leg presses, to shape the gluteals, hamstrings and quadriceps, the large muscles of the legs. This aerobic combo is compiled from four of The FIRM® Classic Volumes with these favorite instructors: Susan Harris, Sandahl Bergman, Kai Soremekun, LaReine Chabut & Jayne Poteet. 

This short but effective workout utilizes variable weights and steps and adaptable for any fitness levels. Aerobic Butt Busters is a fun, fat-burning aerobic workout with various combinations AND The FIRM’s signature leg presses.

Warm-Up/Stretch 7 min. followed by 14 min. of Short Aerobic Box and Low Impact Aerobics, 6 Min. of Leg Presses, ending with 5 Min. Bridge Work/Stretch. 

For More Information, Visit:
Fitness Favorites on the web
Fit Faves on Facebook 

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