Thursday, April 4, 2013

ACE HiiT Series with Chris Freytag: Upper Body HiiT Review

NEW from ACE featuring Chris Freytag is the  ACE HiiT Series. I LOVE Hiit and LOVE Chris Freytag so I knew this system would be a winner- and it is! The 7 workouts are on two dvds in one convenient dvd case. Disc one contains four 30 minute classic HiiT workouts. Disc two contains 3 workouts, two 10 minute and one 20 minute routine. 

ACE HiiT Series: Upper Body HiiT
Chris Freytag, 2013

Chris leads this 30 minute upper body & cardio routine alone in a nice studio set, and provides plenty of modification options. You will need dumbbells for this classic HiiT workout- each exercise lasts for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds rest completed for 4 minutes followed by a 45 second rest. You perform 2 rounds of 4 exercises two times total, and then one final round of 4 different exercises.
After a warmup, exercises include:  pushups, Mt. climber, tri kickback & toe tap, weighted jacks, renegade rows, burpee to overhead press, weighted punches, shuffle floor touch, side plank overhead raise, flying jacks, tri pushups, bi curl & knee raise, and a cooldown/ stretch.
I rate this a high intermediate. This workout packs a punch in only 30 minutes; you can really get a complete workout in 30 minutes. Lots of great combo moves and unique exercises! Chris is fantastic in this entire series, motivating, great form reminders, modifications, and cuing. Love the pace- not rushed but no wasted time. I received this dvd to review.

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