Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Barry's Bootcamp 5 Day Academy Review: Butt & Legs

Barry's Bootcamp 5 Day Academy: Butt & Legs
Nadia, 2006

Nadia leads this workout with a group 6 exercisers in the BBC gym & you can see some treadmill runners on the side. This dvd includes a cardio, treadmill cardio, and strength workout. You will need dumbbells & a step for the strength, a step for the cardio, a treadmill for the treadmill. There is a music off option (though I love the music!)

Strength: (36 min) This is a TOUGH lower body workout! Each exercise is done for 90 seconds and exercises include: slow & controlled lunges, static dips w/ one leg on the box, squats, pliets, deadlifts, & calf raises. You then move to the floor for: donkey kicks, table top side knee raises, table top side kick outs, and stand back up to finish off & REALLY burn out the lower body with 2 rounds of plyo power squats and jacks and a final stretch.

Cardio: (19 minutes) This is a nonstop high intensity cardio workout! Nadia performs two 60 second exercises and then repeats and moves on to a new set. Exercises include:  jacks, Mt. climbers. pushups, cardio side lunges off the step, fast feet, flying jacks, skaters, and high knee runs. Accomplishes a great calorie burn in less than 20 minutes!

Treadmill Cardio: (31 min) I didnt do this workout as I dont have a treadmill but upon preview: Nadia moves you from a walk to a jog and then into a run. She adds in run & incline intervals. The screen shows the speed & incline goal, and has a timer.

I rate these workouts advanced. Nadia's cuing is spot on and she provides excellent form pointers! I find her very motivating and I like her personality, which helped me get through these tough workouts! Nothing fancy- tried & true exercises performed nonstop for great results. My heart was pumping HARD during even the strength workout. These res a real calorie burners!!! I did not receive this set to review.

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