Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Barry's Bootcamp 5 Day Academy Review: Chest & Abs

Barry's Bootcamp 5 Day Academy: Chest & Abs
Trainer Rich, 2006

Rich leads this workout with 6 background exercisers in the BBC gym & you can see some treadmill runners on the side. This dvd includes a cardio, treadmill cardio, and strength workout. You will need dumbbells & a step for the strength, a step for the cardio, a treadmill for the treadmill. There is a music off option (though I love the music!)

Strength: This will really fry your chest! After a warmup (Mt. climbers, running, & twisted Mt. climbers) exercises include: pushups, tri pushups, wide arm pushups, crunches, leg scissors, leg drops, uneven pushups off step, elbow to knee crunches, bench press, pec fly, one arm bench press, weighted crunches, twisting crunches, and concludes with two minutes of slow tempo bench press.

Cardio: (21 min) After Rich warms you up you go into one minute cardio intervals. Exercises include: Mt. climbers off the step, hops, one leg hops, moguls, skater, front kicks adding in a punch, and bicycle abs. You perform the circuit twice and finish w/ a cooldown. Pretty low impact but a good intensity.

Treadmill Cardio: (26 min) I dont have a treadmill so I didnt do this workout but upon a quick preview you start out walking, perform some warmup stretches, then start in on the incline & speed intervals and conclude with a cooldown & stretch. The screen shows the speed & incline goal, and has a timer.

This is an advanced workout that will really burn out your chest and work your abs. This gets 4, instead of 5 stars because Rich takes just a bit too long explaining each exercise for my (impatient) tastes. Nothing super fancy about the exercises Rich chooses but they are all tried & true solid exercises. His cuing & form pointers are superb and I know I will feel this tomorrow! Really accomplishes a lot in 40 minutes (compared to P90X in 60 minutes). I did not receive this set to review. 

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