Thursday, July 18, 2013

Interview with Martial Arts Pro Guillermo Gomez

The Belles have both had the pleasure of reviewing Guillermo Gomez’ awesome Martial FusionRockin’ Body Workout. We loved it, so we were very excited with the opportunity to “interview” Sensei Gomez.

Belles: We are both huge fans of your Martial Fusion workouts and see that you have a new dvd Yin Yang Fusion, that you co-lead with Jessica Smith. What can you share with us about this much anticipated release?
Guillermo: Well, this DVD is a beautiful blend of workout routines, styles and energies between Jessica and I. She is a fantastic instructor and her workouts are rock solid. I’m very happy with the end result of this DVD, It’s one of the best we both have done so far.
Belles: You are the founder of the Martial Fusion Organization in Miami, what motivated you to open this health and fitness training studio?
Guillermo: To me, it is more than just a training studio. It’s a dojo, a temple, a place where you come to develop yourself physically and spiritually. Coming into the dojo is an opportunity to leave outside the door all the energy and ideas that are holding you back, and face your training with the right open and humble attitude. I grew up in places like this, and have been training since I was 10, so it is very natural for me to somehow create an environment that others can benefit from as well. Martial Fusion is really an evolution of 25 years of my training in martial arts and many other disciplines combined, in one place and one workout.
Belles: You obviously have a background in martial arts, what got you started in the fitness industry.
Guillermo: An open mind. I wanted to try different things and to step out of my comfort zone. That’s how I got involved with the fitness Industry about 12 years ago, here in Miami. I was invited through a friend to substitute a kickboxing class in a gym, and I said, What? Teach martial arts in a fitness gym? With music? To a group of people that don’t wear uniforms, don’t have any training etiquette and like to chew gum during class? No way! Then I said to myself, the real goal of any martial arts training is for us to be flexible and adaptable to any situation. This is only a challenge that has been presented in front of me, so let’s step away from what I think I know and jump into the unknown! Now I get to teach both “fitness” martial arts classes and my more traditional Aikido martial arts practice several times a week to children and adults.
Belles: Your passion for your art shines through in your workouts, what are some of your other passions in life?
Guillermo: Traveling! No question, it is the best university you can ever attend. Learning about other cultures, people, and traditions gives a real perspective to where we come from, in my opinion, and the choices we later make along the way. It allow us to find exactly where and how we want to be, instead of repeating motions and patterns that maybe are not the best ones for us.
Belles: Besides Martial Arts based workouts, do you see yourself releasing other forms of fitness videos in the future?
Guillermo: Anything is possible. For sure with Dynamic Zen, Inc. I’ll be directing and producing new fitness workouts with other presenters as well.
For more information about Guillermo, Dynamic Zen, and Martial Fusion visit:
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  1. Great interview! Thanks Lindsey. Love Jess and Guillermo DVDs!

  2. me too! They are both awesome :)