Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Charlies Soap: Green Living

I am excited to introduce to you Charlie's Soap- going green just got easier with this amazing laundry detergent. We all know how many chemicals get into our daily lives, do we really want more on our clothing? How about on our childrens clothing? Our bath towels, kitchen towels? You get the point. Choosing Charlie's Soap as your go-to laundry detergent is easy and makes sense, available in powder, liquid, pre-spray, booster and they also offer green options for outdoor & indoor cleaning, and in the kitchen. 

They have been fully tested for non-toxicity (Duke University) and biodegradability (Japan Food Research Labs) and effectiveness (SGS US Testing Labs). Soap's ingredients can be separated into two categories: biodegradable ingredients and natural mineral ingredients. Charlie's soap contains Zero incidental ingredients/chemicals. Charlie's Soap contains and needs none of these chemicals or chemicals like them: no baking soda, no zeolites, no fragrances, no bleach, no anti-foaming agents, no essential oils, no anti-redeposition agents, no thickening agents, no enzymes. 

Charlies soap Laundry Powder is perfect for my sensitive skin as normal detergents make my skin red & itchy. Before discovering Charlie's I had to use baby detergent as all of the harsh chemicals in normal detergents aggravated my skin. 

Here are just a few of the benefits I LOVE:
  • Only use one (1) tablespoon per large load.
  • Safe for all HE machines.
  • Softeners are not recommended or needed. That means even greater savings on your laundry.
  • Non-toxic & completely biodegradable.
  • Safe and effective for all fabrics, including silk, wool, linen, cotton and high-tech micro fibers.
  • Contains no clays, dyes, phosphates, ultraviolet brighteners or perfumes.
  • Will not fade your colors.
  • Removes entrapped odors from athletic wear- perfect for those sweaty workout clothes!
I also had the pleasure of reviewing Charlie's Soap Laundry Booster and I LOVE it! Gets those sweaty workout clothes nice & clean, makes my whites whiter and my colors brighter. It is safe for colors so I love that. Easy to use and of course does not contain any chemicals. I highly recommend Charlies' Soap for everyone- a great way to reduce the toxins in our home one load at a time. 

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