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Interview With Fitness Pro Tracey Staehle (5-9-2011)

The Belles have been lucky enough to interview Tracey Staehle of Fit By Tracey who has an upcoming bootcamp set coming SOON- Total Body Bootcamp! We are SUPER excited about this set and stay tuned- we will have a set up for giveaway soon! In the meantime, keep reading to find out how you can receive $10 off this set.
Belles: What information can you share with us about your upcoming workouts?
Tracey: Total Body Bootcamp is a complete set of workouts designed to work your entire body. It includes 6 workouts – 3 Metabolic Conditioning & 3 Strength, 6 finishers (Tabata style), a warm up and cool down and a detailed preview section that breaks down each move and shows varying levels of modifications for form and for equipment. We use the TRX Suspension Trainer, Medicine Balls, Sandbags, Bands, Tubing, Gliding Discs, Kettle Bells, Dumbbells and the Stability Ball. A person with very limited equipment can do this workout effectively with just a set of dumbbells, a band and a stability ball. Paper plates can be substituted for gliding discs. Each workout is no longer than 22 minutes. Each workout includes two 4 minute finishers that vary between abdominal exercises and HIIT. The amazing thing about these workouts is they are short, effective and TOUGH, but anyone can do them.  It’s all about working to your own level of fitness. You get out of them what you put into them. What makes them different from other HIIT workouts are the exercises, some you have never seen, the coaching really sets us apart, and the way the programs are set up. Metabolic Conditioning workout #1 you need NO equipment for.  It’s a 30/15 workout with 6 different exercises done sequentially for four total rounds. It’s a GREAT workout.  It includes 2 finishers one 10/15 and one 20/10 – it flies by. One of the strength workouts uses only a band, we show a regular band and then introduce a new band that is awesome, it’s a 40/20 workout. The other four workouts vary in time ie., 50/10, 120/30 and equipment used; KBs, DBs, Medicine Balls and TRX.  We show equipment modifications for everything as well as varying levels of intensity, so any person can do these workouts and have room to grow. Even the most fit person will be challenged and still have room to work harder!
Belles: What was the motivation behind making these new workouts?
Tracey: Having my 2nd baby at 41! I had my daughter at 39 and didn’t gain very much weight, only 22 lbs and lost it pretty easily. When my daughter was 8 months old I got pregnant with my son. I gained nearly 40 lbs. My pregnancy was more emotional with my son because I lost my mother to Alzeheimers and was dealing with her care and her declining health and eventually her death. I was still working out but not like I did with my first pregnancy. I was far more tired than with Scarlett. After Rian’s birth I had an extra 30 pounds that would not budge from my body. For four months I tried every workout I had and didn’t lose 1 lb! I ran into my friend Tyler English who runs this amazing Bootcamp in town and he told me I needed to try it. I was nervous because I was so out of shape but after the first of the year (Jan 4, 2011), I joined. After being in class for 5 minutes I knew I would be successful. The workouts were short and intense and changed everyday. It varied between strength workouts and metabolic conditioning. After just 2 weeks people started coming up to me noticing my weight loss, 2 1/2 months later I was down 30 lbs!  I was so inspired I knew I had to put these workouts on film.  Tyler let me use his gym (where I take Bootcamp) to film and I used 7 people from my classes. Two of the seven are the trainers from class, we call them coaches and they are amazing, inspiring and a lot of fun.
Belles: Do you have any recommendations for moms struggling to lose the baby weight?
Tracey: Don’t give up!!!!! I know first hand how hard it is when you are getting NO sleep and are far too tired to get out of bed to change the baby, let alone workout, but hang in there, it WILL get better.  My first four months with my son were BRUTAL, but I kept telling myself it wouldn’t last forever.  I knew that hopefully at four months he would be sleeping more and I’d get the energy to start working out regularly and it happened.  You have to set attainable goals for yourself and NOT beat yourself up about the weight. If you want the weight to come off, the weight WILL come off.  You can do whatever you set your mind to, give yourself time! And give yourself a break ;-)  That is why I love this new Total Body Bootcamp so much because it is chalk full of short, very effective workouts that can be done in either 4 minutes, 16 minutes, 22 minutes or longer.  There are so many variations and options and each workout targets every part of your body.  I honestly saw the weight melting off me and so will you.
Belles: You have created workouts in so many different genres- do you have a favorite dvd and genre?
Tracey: Before filming Total Body Bootcamp I would say hands down Kickboxing and Cardio Kickbox Challenge but now hands down it’s Total Body Bootcamp, it’s so varied and it’s honestly fun.  We had such a great time filming it. I am already planning the sequel!
Belles: During the credits at the end of your Hi/ Lo Med Ball workout, you and the cast seem to having a TON of fun! Do you have any “funny” filming stories you can share with us?
Tracey: I have so many! Everyone I’ve worked with is great and we just always have a blast no matter what we are doing.  When I was filming Yoga Solutions with Josef Matthews and my sister Bobbi, Josef had a fly in his mouth and just started laughing and then we all starting laughing and couldn’t stop and the whole day we were waiting for it to pour rain and the weather held up until the very last 2 minutes when my sister was doing the corpse pose and trying to get us very calm and relaxed and it just started to pour – that was hilarious!
Belles: Can you tell us a little more about your new Total Body Bootcamp?
Tracey: My Total Body Bootcamp filming was probably one of the best experiences ever. Two of the guys in it are my Bootcamp coaches during the week and they KILL us on a daily basis so it was such a joy to be coaching them! When I saw them getting tired and slacking I’d get right in their face and say exactly what they always say to me in class – you can see them start to laugh.  One of them said I sounds exactly like they did when they teach and I said “of course I do, you’ve been yelling at me everyday for the past 3 months, what did you expect?!”
If you look close you can see them cursing me as they are working.  I am deliberately taking a few days off this week because I am afraid of the payback I will get when I return to class ;-p
What makes Total Body Bootcamp different than any other DVD out there is the coaching.  Dustin Linden is my coach for my Bootcamps here in town and the guy is AMAZING.  There are times when I am so physically exhausted I just want to stop and when I get to that point, I just close my eyes and listen to Dustin.  Everything he says makes perfect sense “if this were easy everyone would be doing it” so true!  ”You can be tired when you’re done” isn’t that the truth! “Your time is valuable and you are here for a reason, use every second to push yourself and get to your goal, make every second count”.  This is the stuff I need to hear when I’m ready to quit and he’s truly gifted as a coach.  This is what Total Body Bootcamp is all about, it’s about getting out of your own head that you CAN’T do it.  Dustin says just add an “O” to Can’t and you have “Can To”!!!  So in this workout you have 4 people doing the workout, we always have a modifier for form and for equipment and we show varying levels, for beginners, intermediate and advanced, and then we have 1 coach who is constantly motivating you throughout the workout to stay in the game.  It’s all about not listening to the little voice in your head that’s telling you to give up and to push yourself past what you think you can do.  THAT is how you see results!  That is how I lost the 30 lbs.  It’s a beautiful thing 
Thank you SO much Tracey for taking the time sharing your insights with us and our readers!!! We are all EVEN more excited about your Total Body Bootcamp workouts! Fit by Tracey would also like to offer Two Belles readers a discount on her new workouts. Order both workouts and receive $10 off the set. Enter coupon code 2belles at checkout to receive the discount.
Order your very own Total Body Bootcamp dvds and find out more about Tracey and visit her:

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