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Q&A Session with Booty Barre creator Tracey Mallett (5-31-2011)

Television host and creator of best-selling dance and fitness based DVDS, Tracey Mallett is a Master Pilates Instructor, a certified personal trainer and a group fitness instructor through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of American (AFAA), as well as a Certified Sports Nutritionist with the National Association of Sports Nutrition (NASN). Infectiously upbeat, Tracey is a regular instructor on Exercise TV, which reaches 21 million viewers. Combined sales of her exercise DVDs top one million units worldwide, including an infomercial series in Japan.

Belles: You have recently filmed and will soon release your latest Booty Barre DVD. What can you tell us about this new workout? Do you have plans for future Booty Barre releases?
Tracey: My new Booty Barre Plus Abs and Arms is once again a total body workout with a little more emphasis on the arms and abs. I find these are the areas that most women want to work especially in the summer where you can’t really hide the arms. The DVD has some new fun barre lower body moves with a focus on working from the core with correct form and even some sexy hips that gets you grooving to the music. The arm section is pretty challenging, I can see my arms shaking when I watched the play back…LOL..!! I also was laughing at the girl’s faces with a painted smile on their face but I know them well and they were feeling it.
At the end of the barre section I added a small playground ball for a few moves as I find that this really helps to tone the inner thighs and work the pelvic floor. We finish off with some of my favorite Pilates moves with a cute fitness twist and then a well-deserved stretch.
Belles: Other than Booty Barre, your Quick Blast workouts are some of my favorites. Do you have any plans to produce any workouts besides the Booty Barre genre?
Tracey: Yes, I do as I still love changing it up a little with circuit style functional training and of course dance is and will always be my first passion.
Belles: Your background is in dance. Why did you choose a career in the fitness industry?
Tracey: I felt it was a natural extension of being a dancer and performing in front of people. When you teach you’re making people happy and entertaining them to lose their inhibitions, which is the same as being on a stage. Dance is about movement and expressing oneself and so is fitness…perfect combination!
Belles: Your Sexy in Six book is hugely popular – do you have any new book projects on the horizon?
Tracey: Funny you should ask this as I spoke with my agent this week and I think it’s time to do another one. J
Belles: You have created many DVDs from various genres- does your “typical” workout routine reflect this variety or do you have a more specific workout focus these days?
Tracey: I do practice what I preach; I personally do Booty Barre four times a week, Pilates and weight training and then finally a run for about 25 minutes.  I’ve always liked to mix it up and that’s why I love the Booty Barre as I’m always being creative and bringing new challenges to the class.
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