Monday, February 10, 2014

Step360 RAVE & REVIEW!!!!!

The Step360™ step aerobics platform is a fun & unique way to burn calories and lose weight at home. This is unlike any step platform you have ever used! The air chambers absorb impact & create an unstable platform that recruits your core & works your balance. Keep your workout routine fun & keep your body guessing by working your muscles in a fun new way. The top platform is actually set on two adjustable air chambers designed to create instability. As you use the equipment your body is forced to utilize both large and small muscle groups to find balance. No other step aerobics workout offers this type of total body muscle engagement. More calories are burned and weight loss becomes easier, all while having fun. Realize a more effective total body workout in less time than a traditional step aerobics platform with the Step360.

The Step360 Kit Contains: 
  • The Step360 Step Platform
  • Six Workouts on One DVD in a Sturdy Plastic DVD Case (10 -20 min each)
  • 2 Bonus Workouts on One DVD in as Sturdy Plastic DVD Case (10 min each)
  • Sculpting Cord that secures into the Step360
  • Step360 Weight Loss Success Guide that includes meal & snack options, menus, a 30 day rotation calendar, tips & more!
  • 7 Day Express Guide that will get you on track fast!
  • 7 Day Supply of MaxBalance Vitamins
  • 30 Days Free Access to the Step360 Web Club

What I love most about the Step360 system is the lack of impact! I havent been able to do step aerobics in years due to my knee issues and recent surgery but because of the air chambers on the Step360 the impact of jumping, stepping, and hopping on it is really minimized! My knee loved it. The Step360 is very sturdy and I put it to the test by doing plenty of jumping & hopping on it. The air chambers also create a balance challenge that really engages your core where a normal step does not (at all!). I could feel my core working with every step. Also great for adding a balance challenge to my workouts. Balance is a weak point of mine so I am very happy that it is definitely being tested!

The sculpting cord actually secures into the Step360 for your strength work - so you can work your balance and get your strength training in. It really provides an additional challenge to band work and provides a unique way to work your muscles and keeps your exercise routine fresh & fun! I am even more excited about this system now that I have done all of the workouts. This system is a winner! Stay tuned for detailed reviews on the blog. Click on my top header "Step360" to see all of my upcoming Step360 posts.

Jesse Pavelka leads these workouts and you will recognize Madison, Terri Ann & Cat as background exercisers. They offer various modifications for the workouts so these are very diverse and can fit the needs of most exercisers. Check back on the blog for detailed reviews of all of the Step360 workouts!

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  1. I really like mine and have had it for a while. I use it every day for pushups and other days as a stepper.

  2. I have been using it for other workouts as well! Great piece of equipment. I like it even more than I thought I would :)