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Fitness Icon LaReine Chabut Interview (6-14-2011)

We all know & love LaReine Chabut from the original Firm Classic Volume 5. Well LaReine has been a busy lady since then! She teaches her Lose That Baby Fat workout (from the Chelsea Lately show- you can view here) to Celebrity moms and her IN STYLE interview will be coming out in August all about core strength! She also has a new book she did with the editor of IN STYLE called MOMOVER-so keep an eye out for those!!!! The Belles were ecstatic for the chance to interview LaReine!

Belles: We are very excited to hear about your new ventures! What can you share with us about your new Lose That Baby Fat book, workout, and classes?
LaReine: I wrote LOSE THAT BABY FAT! after I had my first daughter Bella and I was shocked at how my body looked afterwards! Being the Lead of THE FIRM Volume 5 and being on the covers of SHAPE, HEALTH, NEW BODY and RUNNERS WORLD, there was tremendous pressure for me to look the same as I did before giving birth. I love the book “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” so I modeled Lose That Baby Fat! after that book. Lose That Baby Fat! breaks down the first year after giving birth month by month so moms can benchmark their success and see how they should be feeling emotionally each month after birth for that first year… I also have a 4 year old daughter now and used my own book to help me remember how I was feeling and to help me get back in shape.
Belles: What motivated you to get into “mom and baby” fitness?
LaReine: I got into mommy and baby fitness because I was living it myself and felt the need to let other moms know that it IS possible to workout with your baby and bond with them as you exercise.
Belles: How did you come to star in the Firm Classic Volume 5 and do still keep in touch with any of those “Firmees”?
LaReine: I got the FIRM Volume 5 because they noticed me on the covers of SHAPE and asked me to audition. I had to do very complex choreography so I came really prepared because of my dance background and training. They hired me a trainer to “put some muscle on me” and it really was a life changing experience. I found a love for fitness from doing the FIRM and am very happy to have had the opportunity. And I love the fans! The Firm Believers are sooo dedicated it’s an honor to hear from them everyday. I did take a few dance classes with Janet Jones Gretsky and she lives by me here in California.
Belles: What words of wisdom/ motivation/ advice can you offer to new or seasoned moms trying to get their pre-baby body back?
LaReine: New moms should remember that it took 9 months to carry a baby and it will take 9 months to take it off.  They should start early but also allow themselves time to drop the weight steadily and in a healthy way by being consistent with exercise and eating right. Getting out with your baby and walking with your stroller everyday gets your blood flowing and kicks in your metabolism which releases those feel good hormones know as endorphins. Not only does baby get a little fresh air, but mom gets the benefit of beating the baby blues and exercise at the same time. That is ALL the motivation a new mom should need!
Belles: Everyone is looking for that quick-fix miracle to get them in tip-top shape. While we realize anything worth having takes hard work an dedication, do you have any “secrets” she can share with us when she is in need of looking her best?
LaReine: When I need to tone up fast and get in shape, I jump rope 5 minutes a day! It very quickly gets your heart rate up and helps flush out any water and fat pockets (cellulite) that has gathered in the legs and butt. I just read Katy Perry does this too and she looks great! It also gives you that nice rosy glow because it speeds up your circulation and Revlon actually did a study a while back documenting the benefits for the skin.
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