Saturday, March 8, 2014

Q&A Session with Suzanne Forbes-Vierling (6-18-2011)

Belles: What inspired you to create your Tribal Energy Cardio workout?
Suzanne: I simply love the joy and energy of African dance and drum.  It is quite a life altering experience when you move your body completely connected to rhythm – live rhythm.  Students become really attached to the natural high energy and positive feelings as a result of my class.  I tried to convey that with a DVD to share a little of the awesome feeling that you get live.
Belles: We both really enjoyed your Tribal Energy Cardio dvd- are there any more dvd projects in your future you can tell us about?
Suzanne: I would love to do more – in particular an abdominal workout with my drummers.  I would love Tribal Energy Cardio to be all over the world.  Everyone enjoying the movement.
Belles: You teach live Tribal Energy classes- what does your normal weekly fitness routine look like?
Suzanne: I teach a 90 minute live class and I do this once or twice a week.  My youtube channel shows a live class.  I did an a.m. promo on Fox I think and you will see how we travel across the floor for additional cardio!  New concept for the fitness world!
Belles: Keeping our fitness routines fun is a necessity in our opinions- do you have recommendation for us on keeping fitness fun?
Suzanne: I think people should try different things – take an African dance class, an Afro-Cuban class, Capoeira – movement that has satisfied people around the world for hundreds of years.  every culture has a drum that has kept the “heartbeat” of the community together so why not try things out – even if it’s difficult.  Do activities with friends!  Put together a “triathalon” – three activities that can be done in about an hour :-) and then go to lunch at a place that is health conscious and delicious.  So…. everyone meets at one person’s house – power walk through the neighborhood, come back to the house and power out some abs and push ups in the backyard and workout to a DVD in the house for 15 minutes- preferable my Tribal Energy Cardio DVD :-)– then carpool to a really cool place for lunch – no fried foods and stay away from ranch dressing.  Condiments take up too many calories really.
Belles: One of the reasons people don’t stick to an exercise routine is because they get bored, Tribal Energy Cardio takes care of that. What other obstacle do you or your students face when it comes to sticking with an exercise program? How have you helped them overcome it?
Suzanne: My students are hooked to the rhythms of the drums so they tell me that they never get bored.  Class is like an event.  but when it comes to following an overall exercise program and not getting bored – we always talk about changing instructors and finding instructors with a vibe – if you are doing a class involving weights – find someone that is jovial enough to get you through it.
You can learn more about Suzanne Forbes-Vierling or Tribal Energy Cardio at:
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